We Need a Treasurer-from Emily Paulson

Hi Neighbors!

I need your help.  I’ve been serving as Treasurer for the past three years and before that I was Social Chair.  Although it’s been a pleasure serving in both of those roles, I need a break.  At last night’s HOA meeting there were no volunteers for either the three board positions or the treasurer’s job.  Your three current board members graciously agreed to serve another year and possibly two.  Ron, Richard, and Gary have been doing a wonderful job, but also recognize the need to have some rotation going on within the board.  There is also the concern that if the current lack of interest in serving in these roles continues, then we will have to look into a management company which in my experience at another neighborhood is impersonal and expensive.  One of the main reasons why I originally agreed to be treasurer was to avoid having to use a management company.

Being the treasurer is truly not a horrible job.  The job is busiest at the beginning of the year with the annual dues and after that, it requires a few hours a month.  In order to help the next treasurer out, I’m willing to serve through January and then hand off on February 1st.  If you have any questions about the job, please let me know.  I might even be interested in taking the job back in a few years, but next year I need to make some time to focus on some areas in my own life.  I need to hand the treasurer job off so it gets the attention it deserves.


Emily Paulson


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