Treasurer Needed

We are looking for a person to volunteer and fill the role of Treasurer for our HOA.  Emily Paulson has done a great job over the years.  The role of the Treasurer are: 

  • Print/mail annual homeowners dues.
  • Pay vendors- electric, insurance, internet, groundskeeper, pool company. (most are on line)
  • Make deposits at out bank.
  • Maintain checking and road fund accounts.
  • Check mail at Youngsville post office weekly.
  • Work with HOA board to create and maintain annual budget.
  • Communicate with closing attorneys when homes are sold to inform them of any outstanding balances.  
  • Keep resident mailing list up to date for mailings.
  • Get forms ready for non profit tax filing.

If anyone has an interest, please give me a call to discuss.  A laptop is provided for HOA business.  


Ron Phillips


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