Speed Table Yes or No

We had a real nice social event last night and as the paving is about to begin (this Wednesday), the conversation of speed tables came up as one of the constant complaints is speeding, particularly on Oak Grove Church Road. Included is a photo of what a speed table will look like if approved. The tables are about 15 feet long with a slight ramp up, then a flat platform and ramp back down that will not hinder low clearance vehicles. The idea is you will still be able to travel at the posted speed limit of 25 MPH without an issue. These tables are common in the Wake Forest area. School buses will still make their runs (confirmed by the Sheriff yesterday). The approximate cost is $1600 per table and there will not be any additional fees/assessments to homeowners to have these installed. We had approximately 37 at the meeting last night and by a show of hands, it was 34 to 3 in favor to install speed bumps. The 3 board members believe that the best idea is to have each homeowner send an email (don’t post to Facebook) to the riversedgeboard@gmail.com with your address listed and a simple yes to indicate in favor, or no if you are against. This will give us a record of how the community feels. The proposed locations for two tables is close to River Manor Drive (near a culvert that will prevent driving around these) and at the lowest section of Oak Grove Road near our common grounds where the 3 culverts pass underneath the street. We know this is an important issue and appreciate your feedback. We need to put a deadline on time to respond, so 5:00 p.m. Thursday, September 20 should be enough time to have a family conversation. If anyone has questions in advance, please send me an email to the address listed above.

Ron Phillips


  1. I vote Yes.

  2. Yes, I am for the Speed Table — Mark & Karen White 115 Oak Grove Church Rd, kwhite522@yahoo.com.

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