Roads and Natural Gas Update April 2

The latest on natural gas is PSNC is in the permitting phase of this project.  I doubt we will see installation starting in May, but certainly this summer.  The Board and members of the Road Committee met with Rian’s Paving this evening to go over his proposal as well as get a few questions answered.

Rian agrees that it will be best to hold off on paving until the gas infrastructure is installed.  This will keep construction equipment from marking up the new roads.   We asked Rian many of the questions that were asked during the special meeting last November.

Soil tends to swell when boring tools are used and the existing asphalt could rise or sink and repairs would need to be made, so recommend that we hold off on new paving.

How much notice is needed to proceed?  Answer- typically less than two weeks.
Will we still be able to get to our homes during paving operations?  Answer- yes, but if there is a cone placed in the your driveway, do not enter into the drive.  The cone indicates that the sealant and overlay has not set up if you remove or drive around the cone, your pavement will have asphalt marks that we will not clean.

Contractor will “feather” the asphalt to the grade of your driveway as close as possible to have a smooth entry/exit.
For the homes whose grass has grown over our current asphalt, they will have to scrape back this area and it will be unsightly.  The best solution is for the homeowner or your landscape contractor to keep the edge of your yard even with the edge of the existing asphalt.  If you do this, you will be fine, otherwise whatever soil and grass will be rolled back with a blade and will be much more unsightly until it grows back.

We had a discussion about 1.25” overlay or 1’5”. The 1.5” is the depth of overlay that is used on interstates with much more traffic and larger volumes of heavy trucks.  Rian believes that we are fine to go with the 1.25” overlay on top of the sealant.
The asphalt mix is NCDOT approved and will be the same mix used on any North Carolina highway.
We discussed and are seriously considering added up to three speed tables on Oak Grove Church Road from the entrance to the Clubhouse.  No decision as of yet and these would be added after the new paving.

If you have sprinklers, need to mark any sprinkler heads that are close to the road and also turn off your sprinkler the day before paving starts so the streets are dry.
The proposal included removing the asphalt at the clubhouse and repaying and striping the lot.  The Board approved this expenditure and authorized Rian to begin work so the lot will be completed before the Pool opens in May.

Regarding collections, there about 20% of the community have not paid the $850 assessment.  Please make every effort to take care of this as soon as possible.



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  1. Regarding the new asphalt and a cone is placed in front of your driveway, where are we supposed to park? Parking on the road or lawn is a poor option because it leaves the vehicle at risk for possible break-in or hit by a passing vehicle. Suggestions?

  2. Thank you for the information and for your service to the Community, Ron.
    Respectfully, I personally am not in favor of speed bumps, have the hot rod offenders been contacted about their actions? Why penalize the entire community because of a few? Does the community get to vote on this issue?

    1. Maryellen, Thanks for the comments. There is no decision, just a opening conversation. Yes there have and are to this day, offenders who in my estimation while they may not be going 55, they are going 40-45 in down Oak Grove. It is especially obvious for me when I pull into the neighborhood going 25 and I lose sight of the car that pulled in immediately before me and this happens a lot. I think we need to understand and listen to the community on this issue.

      1. I do understand, 40-45 is crazy fast for that road.. I’ve seen electronic signs that show the limit and your speed, maybe that is an option

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