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It’s been a while since our last HOA meetingroadSigns-Goodluck in which the status of the Rivers Edge roads was presented. There has been some progress made since that meeting and the HOA board and road committee would like to give a current status of where we are regarding the roads.

The HOA board did get a nice letter in the mail on 9/17 and upon opening it, the DOT punch list showed itself. We reviewed the punch list individually and several of us met Steve Winstead (DOT) on the morning of 9/24 to get several questions answered and to ensure the punch list was complete. We have attached the original punch list below that residents can reference. We will be reviewing the items in the punch list at our next road meeting.

We’ve also been contacting several paving companies to request up to date quotes (utilizing the DOT punch list) for repairing the front entrance, as well as quotes for repairing the entire neighborhood for budgetary purposes. Once the quotes are received, the HOA board will call for another road update meeting to present the latest information. Thanks.


Rivers Edge DOT Punchlist



  1. Concerned Homeowner(s)

    Please remember that this is a volunteer position and needs a lot of time and effort just to handle the day to day activities. We would love to have volunteers to help us with all of these issues. If you would like to meet with us we would love your input and help on all of these projects.

    Thank You

    HOA Board

  2. DATE: September 29, 2014
    TO: Rivers Edge HOA Board
    FROM: Concerned Homeowners

    Developers — 3 Homeowners — 0

    Recap of Development in River’s Edge

    Phase I Developer files for bankruptcy:
    1) Fails to complete roads.

    Phase II Developer builds on vacant lots:
    1) Pays no road fees.
    2) Pays no HOA dues.

    Phase III Developer pays $7,500 to be a part of River’s Edge.
    1) Pays no road fees.
    2) Pays no HOA dues.
    3) No written contract on $7,500 fee was shared with Homeowners.

    At first glance, we should be mad! But we did get our subdivision completed with nice homes during a difficult
    housing market. However, current and previous HOA boards have not been transparent on this issue. We
    have received little or no information on this issue in writing. Now the housing market and home building are
    hot. Yet, we are asked to repair the roads, at great expense, and then turn them over to NC DOT. If we do —
    we will enable the developer to continue building more homes in River’s Edge {or perhaps beyond), and there
    will be more damage to our neighborhood streets. Do not count on DOT to fix our roads, look at theirs.
    We all agree that our roads must be repaired. Turning them over to DOT is in question. The road repairs will
    require us to put additional financial controls on our budget process. Currently, we have no budget, no
    general ledger and no financial statements for 2014. We must do better than this, and as homeowners, we
    must encourage more neighbors to be more active in our HOA. We need volunteers! And we especially need
    to establish an audit committee.

    Our current HOA board has not enforced all HOA by-laws. The by-laws are important and should be followed.
    Very little in writing comes from the HOA board. We must correct this, and we need a special meeting to clear
    the air and start fresh.

    Concerned Homeowners
    C/0 H. Dawson Smith
    105 Oak Grove Church Road
    Youngsville, NC 27596

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