Road Committee – Face to Face Interviews

cartoon-road-turnsAs part of the preparation for the upcoming Rivers Edge road meeting, the road committee will be conducting a series of face to face interviews to help the road committee fully understand what each resident would like to see for the future of the Rivers Edge roads. The road committee will be asking a series of questions and be available to answer any questions the residents may have. The results of the survey will be anonymously shared with the community during the August 23rd road meeting and will give the road committee and HOA Board a direction to move forward with the road repairs.  

All interviews will be conducted at the clubhouse, but if any resident would like to propose a different time other than what is available in the below link or if they would like the interview done in their home, please reach out to the HOA board or road committee. The interviews should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. For those residents who are not interested in a face to face interview, an alternative method will be available in the future. Please use the below link to sign up and we hope to see you there. If you don’t wish to use the internet link below to sign up for an interview, please reach out to the HOA Board or Road Committee and we will assist you.






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