Rivers Edge Road Presentation

All Rivers Edge Residents,

Attached is the complete road presentation that was presented at the August 24th, 2014 HOA meeting. If there are any questions or concerns related to the presentation, please reach out to the HOA board. Thanks.

Brion Paulson

Rivers Edge Roads_08_24_2014

Updated version below



  1. All,
    I wanted to provide a response to Dawson’s post and provide some clarity on several points.
    1) When Rivers Edge was originally constructed, Franklin County did not require road bonds. Denmark did not have a road bond. After Denmark (and possibly others in the area) went bankrupt and roads were not completed, Franklin County now forces all new developers to take out a road bond for the roads they build in the case that they are not completed. This is according to the Franklin County Planning Director. It is not the responsibility of Franklin County to maintain any roadways, including the Rivers Edge roads.
    2) This is a direct quote from Scott Hammerbacher (Franklin County Planning Director), “The UDO allows the County to prescribe where the entrance for a new subdivision will occur, I can assure you that should the adjacent parcels in question be subdivided for residential purposes we will require their primary entrance to be on NC 96. The potential subdivision may be required to connect to existing stub outs from adjacent developments but to reiterate the potential development’s primary entrance would occur along NC 96.”
    3) Law Enforcement considers the Rivers Edge Roads a “Public Vehicular Area”, but NC and most other entities consider our roads as Public. We do not own these roads; we are only responsible for maintaining the public roadway in front of our homes.
    4) I know a few were upset when I used the word “destroyed” and what I should have said was that heavy equipment accelerated the deterioration of the Rivers Edge roads. These roads are public. The HOA cannot prevent anyone from driving on our roads. NASA can drive the Space Shuttle down our roads and we have no power to stop them. This is the same as a future developer connecting to the Rivers Edge roads, we cannot stop them.
    5) I will defer this question to the HOA board.


  2. Posting on behalf of Dawson Smith

    September 9, 2014
    TO: Rivers Edge HOA Board
    FROM: Concerned Homeowners
    SUBJECT: Take-aways from the 8/24/14 HOA Meeting

    1} Franklin County did not follow up on a road bond for River’s Edge.
    2) River’s Edge has a maximum capacity of 125 homes.
    3) Our roads are classified as a pubHc vehicle area – self maintained.
    4) Heavy loads from builders/developers have destroyed our roads.
    5] The 2014 budget document has not been mailed to homeowners. The Board mentioned
    that a financial report was coming soon. The $265.00 road fee for the front entrance repairs
    will be spent soon to repair the front entrance.

    SUBJECT: Questions/Responses To Meeting
    1) FrankUn County should be pressed harder to help River’s Edge resolve the condition of the
    community’s roads.
    2] We need something in writing from Franklin County to document the 125-home limit in the
    River’s Edge subdivision.
    3) We hope to be able to seif-maintain our roads and keep ourrommunity a beautiful place to
    4) Phase 111 (5 additional homes] contributed to the destruction of our roads according to the
    road committee’s report. Was poor judgment used in allowing them access? HOA members
    have not been privy to the details. Full disclosure by the Board on this issue is long overdue.
    5) We would like a financial statement for HOA accounts as of 9/30/14 and a start date for the
    front entrance repairs. We need, each year, to have a CPA review the books for accuracy.
    The cost estimate for this service is $500.

    We would like to thank the HOA board members for all of their efforts this year. Our meeting
    brought the main issue, road maintenance, front and center. There are pluses and minuses to any
    decision. We must all become more involved in this issue. Several HOA members would be glad to
    help. Please call.

    Concerned Homeowners
    C/o Dawson Smith
    105 Oak Grove Church Road
    Youngsville,NC 27596

  3. Thank-you Brion for the presentation, it is very thorough and easy to understand.
    Wayne and I appreciate your time and efforts. MaryEllen Koester

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