Pool Rules

It looks like the newly painted pool is a hit thus far, along with the salt water system installed last season.  There are rules posted for swimming along with emergency contact information at the outdoor phone if needed.  Help us by keeping the bathrooms clean, trash put into the bin and umbrellas folded down after each use in the event of high winds/thunderstorms.  With the pool open just a couple of days, we have also seen teenagers blocking open the gate (after hours) for their friends.  This took place last night around 9 and they left around 10.  When we see things like this, the board has decided we will simply call the Sheriff’s office and report it as the pool hours are posted as closing at 8.  We cannot take the risk of someone up there getting injured and/or swimming beyond the hours that our Franklin County Pool Permit is issued for.  Please share these rules with every member of your family.



Ron Phillips

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