Paving Starts Wednesday, September 19

Rian’s Paving will start the paving project tomorrow.  The plan is to start at the back of the neighborhood and work towards the front.

On Wednesday, he will:

  • Mobilize his equipment.
  • Road preparation including the removal of any dirt/grass that is covering the existing roadway.

His schedule (subject to weather) is:

Starting on Rivers Edge, they will pave the two cul de sacs and work their way towards the intersection of River Club Way- expect to finish Rivers Edge this Friday.

Next Monday, they will start on River Watch Lane and complete that in 1-2 days.

Once River Watch Lane is complete, they will move over to River Club Way and assume the same time schedule.

They will then go to River Watch  and Oak Grove and begin paving towards the front and catch River Manor when they are near that intersection.

If there is a cone placed in front of your drive, do not drive into your drive as the asphalt on your tires will mark your driveway.  If they are scheduled to pave on your street, you may want to park you car out of your driveway or up at the pool parking lot.  All cars will be able to park back in your driveways at the end of each paving day.  They are going to try their best to minimize the inconvenience, but please be patient with them.  If you get flagged to come around their paving operation, please refrain from driving into neighbors grass on the opposite side of their work area.

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