Social Committee Survey

logo-social-committeeGreetings Rivers Edge Residents,


I wanted to introduce myself and communicate what is going on with the Social Committee.  My name is Emily Paulson and our family has been living in Rivers Edge since February 2011.  We initially decided to purchase here because the house fit our growing family and the location was far enough to have a country feel while still close to Raleigh.  However, our family has found that the best thing Rivers Edge has to offer is an abundance of friendly neighbors.  For that reason, when the social chair position became vacant, I volunteered for the position.


As of right now, the Social Committee has one event on the calendar.  An End of Summer Cookout at the clubhouse / pool set for September 6 at 4:00.  Our committee would like to add a few more events and in order to offer what the residents are interested in I have worked on creating a survey.   The Social Committee is here to serve the neighborhood – any and all input is definitely encouraged.  This spreadsheet may appear at first to be overwhelming, but in order to get all the information at once I included everything I could possibly think of.  Please take a few minutes to print it out, look it over, and indicate anything you are interested in participating in.  The committee has no desire to offer something no one wants to attend, but we definitely want to offer anything you would like.


When you open this spreadsheet, it includes the following tabs –

1)      Cover – basic contact information

2)      Events – possible upcoming events

3)      Groups – includes either current groups or possibilities for the future

4)      Workshops – possible workshops / classes for the future

5)      Resources – lists any items you might have to share in order to reduce costs

6)      Recommendations – spread the word about local, honest companies or tell about your own

7)      Misc – includes babysitting, petsitting, willing to help the committee, and space for comments

The committee looks forward to seeing your responses.  Please bring your survey to the upcoming cookout or drop it in my mailbox.


Thanks in advance!

082314 Social Committee Survey Excel

082314 Social Committee Survey PDF

Emily Paulson


RE Website Comments


        For those of you that have commented on one of the posts on the Rivers Edge website that may have not received a quick response, we discovered recently that the notification portion of the comment section was not working, so the HOA board was not getting notified when a new comment is posted. This has been fixed.

        It will also be up to the HOA board / author of the post how they respond to each comment, if a response is warranted, so you may not always see a reply on the comments section. Thanks.

Road Presentation – Outline

Greetings Rivers Edge Residents. 

Below is a link for the outline and brief description of the Road Presentation portion of the HOA meeting scheduled for this Sunday, 8/24 at 7pm in the clubhouse. Thanks.

Rivers Edge Road Presentation – Outline

PDF Version

Rivers Edge Road Presentation – Outline_pdf


A Message from the Neighborhood Watch

imagesGood morning RE home owners.

I have been contacted by a few of you concerning strange vehicles in our subdivision at some of the strangest hours.

One neighbor has reported a loud sounding Bronco style vehicle in our subdivision around 4:40 AM. Another person has reported seeing a white and blue pickup truck cruising our neighborhood at around 5:00 AM.

Please be aware of any strange vehicles and try to report it to either myself or the Franklin county sheriff as soon as possible. Please try your best (without putting yourself in danger) to get a license plate number. I can have the sheriff’s department run the tag number and then we can compare that to people who may be working in the subdivision at a construction site.

It has also been reported that some of our street lights at not working properly. Please email me with your home address if you have a RE streetlight not working properly. I want to turn in a list by the end of the week to be looked at.

If you have any other concerns regarding the neighborhood watch in the RE subdivision please let me know.


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