Mid Year Update

We are required to have a general membership meeting in May.  The meeting will be May 31, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse.

  • Budget update
  • Pool/clubhouse update
  • Paving update
  • Natural Gas update
  • Discussion on speed tables on Oak Grove Church Road

Neighborhood Social & Update

We had a nice group of neighbors last night.  It was great seeing regular faces and a few new neighbors to Rivers Edge.  Thanks to Marcia for getting everything ready well in advance. An update on the pool, it is now open to all residents who are current with their HOA dues.  The lates natural gas update is PSNC is moving along with permits and have stated we will see the infrastructure installed by August of this year.Once the lines are in we will immediately start the road project.   For those using the pool, take it upon yourself to clean up your trash and either take it with you or put in the trash cans and always lower the umbrellas in case of thunderstorms and/or high winds.


Ron Phillips

Paving of Club House Parking Lot

Our contractor plans on starting the club house parking lot next Tuesday April 17.  Please do not park in the lot until his work is completed.

Salt Water Swimming Pool

We are pleased to announce the Rivers Edge swimming pool is in the process of being converted from traditional chlorine to a salt water pool. We are having the filter media replaced, installing the salt conversion system and adding a timer on the pump to take advantage of lower utility rates from Wake EMC during non-peak times.

Roads and Natural Gas Update April 2

The latest on natural gas is PSNC is in the permitting phase of this project.  I doubt we will see installation starting in May, but certainly this summer.  The Board and members of the Road Committee met with Rian’s Paving this evening to go over his proposal as well as get a few questions answered.

Rian agrees that it will be best to hold off on paving until the gas infrastructure is installed.  This will keep construction equipment from marking up the new roads.   We asked Rian many of the questions that were asked during the special meeting last November.

Soil tends to swell when boring tools are used and the existing asphalt could rise or sink and repairs would need to be made, so recommend that we hold off on new paving.

How much notice is needed to proceed?  Answer- typically less than two weeks.
Will we still be able to get to our homes during paving operations?  Answer- yes, but if there is a cone placed in the your driveway, do not enter into the drive.  The cone indicates that the sealant and overlay has not set up if you remove or drive around the cone, your pavement will have asphalt marks that we will not clean.

Contractor will “feather” the asphalt to the grade of your driveway as close as possible to have a smooth entry/exit.
For the homes whose grass has grown over our current asphalt, they will have to scrape back this area and it will be unsightly.  The best solution is for the homeowner or your landscape contractor to keep the edge of your yard even with the edge of the existing asphalt.  If you do this, you will be fine, otherwise whatever soil and grass will be rolled back with a blade and will be much more unsightly until it grows back.

We had a discussion about 1.25” overlay or 1’5”. The 1.5” is the depth of overlay that is used on interstates with much more traffic and larger volumes of heavy trucks.  Rian believes that we are fine to go with the 1.25” overlay on top of the sealant.
The asphalt mix is NCDOT approved and will be the same mix used on any North Carolina highway.
We discussed and are seriously considering added up to three speed tables on Oak Grove Church Road from the entrance to the Clubhouse.  No decision as of yet and these would be added after the new paving.

If you have sprinklers, need to mark any sprinkler heads that are close to the road and also turn off your sprinkler the day before paving starts so the streets are dry.
The proposal included removing the asphalt at the clubhouse and repaying and striping the lot.  The Board approved this expenditure and authorized Rian to begin work so the lot will be completed before the Pool opens in May.

Regarding collections, there about 20% of the community have not paid the $850 assessment.  Please make every effort to take care of this as soon as possible.


Natural Gas Installation Map

I received this from PSNC.  Not too clear, but may be able to expand to see better.image001 (3)

Road Assessment Dues

A reminder that the assessment is due to the HOA on or before March 30.  Emily (treasurer) reports that about 1/3rd of the homeowners have paid.


Ron Phillips

Community Update

As we begin the new year and many of us have paid our 2018 dues, one may wonder what is going on in Rivers Edge?

1. Most know that natural gas will be coming and homeowners who use propane will be able to convert to this fuel source.  The project is in engineering and they will need a DOT permit, but installation is targeted for May, depending on weather and permits.

2. Road Update- more than 10 families have paid the assessment in full for the repaving that will take place later this year.  Ideally, the gas will come in and we will follow right after with this project.  This money is due March 30.

3.  Sheriff Winstead would like to meet with the community this spring.  We will schedule a coffee one evening to listen and learn more.

4. Clubhouse- the water remains off during the winter to prevent freezing pipes.

5. Swimming pool- we will be changing pool service companies this year and also convert the pool to a salt water pool.

6. Architectural review- please fill out review requests improvements to landscaping, fences, exterior paint, etc. on the form located on our website.  We have a system now of timely review and record retention tied back to each address for Board continuity.

7.  There are a “few” homes with Christmas decor still up and would appreciate storing them away until next year.

8.  We will freshen up the front entrance with bedding plants and mulch as the weather turns warmer.

9.  Social committee will schedule a night of dominos/board games at the clubhouse one weekend night- I think Marcia has a few couples who have expressed interest.

10. We have updated the homeowners directory and will work to keep it current.

Natural Gas Coming to Rivers Edge

We have enough signatures for PSNC to move ahead and install natural gas distribution to our community.  In speaking with our PSNC rep, the schedule is to start in May of 2018.  He did mention that there is a DOT permit that has to be issued that could cause a delay, but he was very confident we would have installation this summer.  This is a construction project so there are variables such as weather and permitting.

Natural Gas Update

As of yesterday, 50 homes have returned their commitment letters to convert to natural gas.  We are just about there as we need 52.  For those with propane, this is our best opportunity to make the switch and start seeing significant savings.  To reiterate, there is no connection fee if you switch within 90 days of gas availability as long as you convert a furnace or hot water unit.

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