May 2015 HOA Board of Directors Meeting

On May 15th the Board of Directors met for their monthly meeting. All three Board members, Bernie Wolf, John Ryan, and Joy Currin were present.

Items Discussed:

Budget report to be presented at HOA Meeting

Funds available to set aside for road maintenance

Review agenda for HOA meeting

List of items accomplished year to date

HOA Meeting Agenda – Sunday, May 17th, 2015. 7 pm

Opening Remarks
Front Entrance Repair
Budget Update
Designated Road Fund Proposal
Updated By-Laws (Please review copy received in your email)
Committee Updates
–    Pool Committee
–    Social Committee
–    Landscape Committee
–    Neighborhood Watch

Clubhouse Paint

imagesFor those of you that wander into the clubhouse in the near future, you may notice some pleasant changes. Recently the HOA Board had all the interior walls and ceilings of the clubhouse professionally painted, including the two bathrooms and it looks great!

This face lift was much needed and hopefully it will encourage more use of our clubhouse facility for future public and private events. 

March 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

RE Board Meeting Minutes – March 29, 2015

Board Officers Present: Bernie Wolf, John Ryan, Joy Currin

Officers Absent: None

  1. Tax situation update

Good news! The tax issue has been resolved and the Franklin County tax office has stated they are not pursuing any payment for back taxes on Rivers Edge common property.  The tax office agreed that our pool and clubhouse are tax exempt and should have been in that status since the community was first developed.  The proper paperwork had not been filed but it has been corrected.

  1. Front entrance repair status

The cold and wet weather has caused a delay but the contractor stated that they anticipate completing the work during the month of April.

  1. Pool/Clubhouse

A new gate access control system will be installed during April and new access cards will be provided to all residents.

  1. Insurance Update

As required by state law, all members of the Board of Directors are now covered by financial loss insurance, similar to being bonded.  This was a very minor expense but was necessary.

  1. New/Updated documents

A new document, Rules Violation Enforcement Procedure, was approved by the Board and minor changes have been proposed to the Architectural Rules, Regulations, and Architectural Guidelines document.  The documents will be provided to the community via email for review and comments.  The effective date for both documents is May 1st, 2015.

  1. Community/Board meetings

A meeting will be scheduled for the month of May.  All residents will be notified by email.  The date and time for the April Board of Directors meeting will be announced in advance on the RE website.  Any community members who would like to attend may do so, in accordance with state law, and may bring any matters to the attention of the Board at that time.

February Board Meeting Minutes

Rivers Edge HOA Board of Directors Meeting

Feb 7, 2015

Items Discussed:

Swimming Pool – Entrance key system is very old, difficult to maintain and replacement card supply almost exhausted – new cards cannot be obtained.  Pool committee will be asked to solicit bids for a new system.


Landscape –As of April 1st we will be changing landscape contract to Rescue Lawn Care of Wake Forest.  Bids were received from our current company, Rescue, and others and Rescue had the best price for the services – which will include more than we have received in the immediate past.  The landscape committee will monitor the work and hopefully the neighborhood will notice the improvement.

On Feb 9th a contract was signed with Rescue Lawn Care.


Front Entrance Repairs – It was agreed to proceed with the front entrance repair project as soon as possible.  A revised quote is needed to include a drain system for the center island to prevent future damage dues to excess water accumulate

On Feb 9th contracts were signed with Turner Asphalt and they will do the work as soon as possible now that they have signed contracts for the complete job.  The total cost of the contract including the added drainage is $31,350.00.  While this is greater than the original estimate that the individual special assessment was based on, no new monies from homeowners are required.  The overage will come from money on hand in the HOA account.


HOA Management CompanyBids were received and reviewed for an external company to take over the management of our neighborhood.  This would include collections of dues and assessments, payments of all bills, maintain a web site, and ensure compliance with community standards and regulations.  It was decided by a majority vote of the Board that the benefit of this service would not justify the monthly cost of $500 – $750.  If significant problems arise during the year the question may be re-visited but at this time it is not felt that the benefits justify the expense.


Board Member Resignation – On Feb 9th Rick Evans resigned from the HOA Board.



Addendum: The two remaining board members met again on February 9th to discuss a replacement for Rick Evans.

John Ryan, who has served as Treasurer for over a year and has been very involved with all recent Board activities agreed to replace Rick Evans and serve for the remainder of his term.  John will also continue to be the HOA Treasurer.


HOA Meeting December 2014 Minutes

HOA Meeting

12-14-14               7PM

1 ) Budget- Approval 2014 vs 2015

a) no comments on 2015 details

b) how much to go into reserves 18K –

c) how much over for 2014 actual vs budget – Ricky Evans

2) Committees

a) Landscape Committee: Edy volunteer.  Kathy and David to provide list what has been done historically. Sam Williams emailed interest

b) Pool Committee: Stewart Thorp

c) Social Committee: Emily Paulson

d) ARB Committee: Kevin Dillistin

e) Neighborhood Watch: Hollywood Burbank

f) Road Committee: Brion Paulson, Jody Blackburn

3) Road Update: Turner Asphalt Contract , Terratech Engineers

4) Board of Elections Directors:

Bernie Wolf -1 year term

Ricky Evans -2 year term

Joy Currin – 3 year term

John Ryan – Treasurer non-director position

All the above volunteer for 1 year terms

5) YE Bank Account totals for 2015, 2014, 2013

6) Fidelity Bond – We need to research if it exists

Rivers Edge Update – December 2014

Neighbors, here is an update on several items the HOA Board is actively working on at this time.


HOA Board & Committee Leaders for 2015:

President – Bernie Wolf

Vice President –  Ricky Evans

Secretary –  Joy Currin

Treasurer – John Ryan

Architectural Committee – Kevin Dillistin

Road Committee – Brion Paulson, Jody Blackburn

Pool Committee –  Stu Thorp

Social Committee –  Emily Paulson

Neighborhood Watch – Allen Burbank

Book Club – Judi Engbers

Landscape Committee – Sam Williams

As we plan to issue community updates on a regular basis, we encourage our various committee members to include updates and invitations to participate as a part of those updates.


HOA Dues:

We spoke with John Ryan, and we are working to get those invoices out to everyone.  As everyone knows, the dues are late as of February 1, 2015 for FY 2015.


HOA Management Company

We have companies who have expressed an interest in helping with this task.  As we haven’t really gotten too deep into this yet, we are pulling together a proposed scope of work and the costs.


Front Entrance Repairs

The NCDOT has requested that they review our drainage plan before we start repairs.  We have received a drainage plan drawing from the contractor, and we are in process of setting up a meeting with DOT.  Regardless of what we do, the NCDOT wants to review the interface of anything that connects to a highway for which they are responsible.  Part of the drainage issue is how to drain the center island where there are bushes & trees.  We have a couple of island options which we will be reviewing with stakeholders and resolving.  Right now, because of these items, plus asphalt plants close when the weather is too cold to keep the asphalt hot enough to apply, we are targeting a completion date circa March 2015.  Hopefully sooner.

Annual HOA Meeting

RE Residents,

When:  December 14th at 7 PM

Where:  Club House


  1. Committees:

We have two committee positions that are opening up for next year.  The landscaping committee and the pool committee will need replacements.

–      Role of the Landscape committee is to help maintain the asthetics of our common HOA property.  They also provide feedback to the Board on recommendations for new planting and future upgrades.

–       Role of the pool committee is to maintain the card system, review the rules and procedures, and provide recommendations to help maintain the facilities.


  1. Board Elections:

If you want to be on the Board please send in a brief bio and why you want to be a board member.  We will distribute it to the neighborhood prior to the meeting.  There are four positions open to be on the Board.  After the Board is elected the Board will vote internally on the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


  1. Road Update:

The entrance is now scheduled to be repaired at the end of this year.  We will update the neighborhood on any final information since our last board meeting and offer recommendations for next year.

Cold Weather


Reminder that back flow preventers and hoses attached to facets can and will freeze if left connected during freezing temperatures.  Remove or disconnect to prevent damage.



Updates from the Social Committee

***  We Need Your Input  ***


I wanted to send out an update on what’s going on in the Social Committee.  Hopefully you have received an electronic copy of the flyer for the latest event.  We will be having a Chili Cook-Off and Bingo Night at the clubhouse on Saturday, October 18 at 5:00.  I have attached the flyer for your convenience.

Thank you to those of you that filled out the survey.  If you haven’t had a chance to fill it out, please feel free to do so.  I’ve attached a copy of the pdf file.  I also have some paper copies if anyone in interested in filling one out.  The surveys are a huge help in knowing what to offer in terms of social events.  The Social Committee just wants to offer what you are willing to attend.  In terms of events, the Outdoor Movie Night seems to interest the most residents.  Hopefully in November we will be able to provide this event.  We will look into the other events as possible ideas for the future.

The Social Committee is looking to move forward on some of the groups we are looking to offer.  As of right now, the only group that currently meets is book club.  Anyone is always more than welcome to join.  Please contact Judi Engbers for more information.

The first group we are trying to set up is for yoga.  Jen Wagner has agreed to teach these classes up at the clubhouse.  They will be once a week, $5 per class, and last an hour to an hour and a half.  The classes will be around six to eight people and will be either Monday evenings around 7:30 or Wednesday mornings around 9:30.  This is a first come, first serve basis.  We already have a few people signed up for both classes.  Please let Jen know as soon as possible if you are interested.  Jen’s email address is

Another one of our residents, Pam Kuhno, has graciously offered to organize a Supper Club.  According to Pam, it’s an evening for couples (or other variations can be formed based on the composition of the group) in which the hosting duties rotate.  The host would set up the theme and cook the main dish.  Other attendees split up starters, salads, sides, and dessert.  Everyone brings a beverage of choice and copies of recipes.  Please let Pam know if you’re interested.  Pam’s email address is

Two of our residents brought up the fact that a lot of our neighbors work from home.  They are interested in maybe getting together for lunch or coffee.  If you work from home and would like to get out of the house for lunch, please let me know and I’ll pass your information on.

Other ideas on the survey included the following:

Cooking Club – 3 interested                       Wine Tasting – 3 interested

Sports – golf – 2 interested                         Poker – 2 interested

Babysitting Co-op – 1 interested                 Bunco – no one

Before forming any of these groups, the committee would like to know that there are residents that would attend.  PLEASE let me know if you’re interested in any of these potential groups.

Thanks so much for your help.

Emily Paulson

101814 Chili Cook-off

090314-Social-Committee-Survey PDF

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