2019 Dues

Dues will be $500 for 2019.  Statements are being sent to each homeowner this week with a due date of January 31.  More details are on the website under the HOA Dues 2019 tab

HOA Annual Meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting of the Rives Edge Home Owner’s Association was held at 7:00 P.M. on November 18, 2018 in the Rivers Edge Clubhouse> The following Board Members were present: Ron Phillips, President; and Gary Faltinowski, Secretary. Not present, Richard Steinhoff, Vice President, who was out of town.


A total of fifteen (15) properties were represented by owners; thereby, meeting the required quorum of 10% of Association membership (99 voting households) in accordance with HOA By-Laws.


The meeting commenced with introduction of HOA Board members present, and absent, as well as HOA Treasurer Emily Paulson.

The following are the key points for each of the agenda topics:

  • Election of Board Members- each board member serves a one-year term, with a maximum of three consecutive years.
    • The current board of Phillips, Steinhoff and Faltinowski have volunteered to serve for the 2019 term.
    • Open for any new nominations or volunteers
  • Budget Review of 2018 expenses
    • Reviewed the 2018 expenses and revenues from HOA dues, road assessment, split payment fees, late fees and interest.
    • HOA dues for 2019 will remain the same ($500/property).
  • Road maintenance.
    • Future maintenance of the road will require sealing the surface ever 3-5 years at an estimated cost of $32,000 (2018 cost).
    • To ensure adequate funds are in the road maintenance account there will be a deposit of $10,00/year from the HOA dues collected.
  • Club House
    • Will be gathering information on exterior painting (trim) of the clubhouse.
  • Pool Update
    • In discussion with pool service contactor on cost to refurbish pool surface and tile
    • Looking for Pool Committee Chairperson.
  • Social Committee
    • Upcoming events information is sent by e-mail and posted to HOA calendar webpage
  • Natural Gas Installation
    • Over 70 homes have now signed on with PSNC for natural gas service
  • Grounds
    • The HOA contract landscaper (Hugo) service contract will be renewed
    • The front entrance landscaping will be updated and refreshed
    • Working on identifying repair options of stop signs (Rix Evans volunteered to head up effort)
  • ARC Committee report
    • Of the requests received this year, none have had to be denied. Several required further discussions with homeowner, to ensure compliance with covenants and By-Laws.
  • Road Safety
    • The configuration/construction of the speed tables has yet to be finalized, as several residents have raised the issue of low-profile vehicles
  • Webpage and directory
    • The webpage has been updated, as well as the directory search option
  • New business
    • Election of the current HOA Board Members for the 2019 term
      • Motion made by Jodi Blackburn that the current board be re-elected for the 2019 Term, second by David Webster
      • All members in attendance voted in favor
  • Adjournment

PSNC Contact Information

I don’t think door hanger with the instructions have been properly distributed.  The instructions are:

Once you decide to install natural gas, converting your home involves seven simple steps: 

Converting to Natural Gas

1. A local PSNC Energy representative will complete the paperwork necessary to generate your order.
2. A PSNC Energy crew will install the service line from the street to your home. Digging is required, but PSNC Energy will reseed the dig site and replace landscaping if necessary.
3. Once the service line is extended to the home a contractor (mechanical/plumber) of your choice will need to file for a permit and then convert/replace your appliances*. They may also need to extend the inside gas piping to the location of where your gas meter will eventually be set.
4. Once the appliances have been converted and any necessary piping completed the contractor will call to schedule to have their work inspected by your localcity/county inspections department.
5. Once the inspection occurs and is approved, contact PSNC ENERGY at 1-877-584-7762 (Mon-Fri 8-5) to set up your gas account and to schedule an appointment to have your natural gas meter set and activated. Please note that we strive to have the gas meter set and activated the same day the inspection is approved however depending on the time of day that the inspection occurs it could be the following day before the meter set can be completed.
6. Once the meter is set and activated, your contractor will need to return to your home (usually the same day) to start your appliances and check them for safe and proper operation.
7. Now it’s time to sit back and rely on PSNC ENERGY to bring the comfort and convenience of clean, reliable natural gas service and energy-efficient appliances to your home.

*Most propane appliances including furnaces, stoves, grills and dryers can be converted to operate on natural gas. Most propane water heaters cannot be converted. A contractor of your choice can assist you in converting your appliances to operate on natural gas. Please have your contractor verify that your equipment can be converted otherwise it may need replacing. You can also contact PSNC Energy for this service at a cost.  We can also provide financing for HVAC replacement through our authorized HVAC contractors.

*PSNC Energy appliance sales, installation, maintenance, and repair are not a part of the regulated services offered by PSNC Energy and are not in any way sanctioned by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. There is no advantage to customers of PSNC Energy if they buy these products or services from PSNC Energy. A customer does not have to buy such products or services in order to continue to receive the same safe and reliable natural gas service from PSNC Energy.


Annual Meeting November 18

We will have our annual meeting, starting at 7 at the Clubhouse.

Tentative Agenda


  • Election of Board Members- each board member serves a one year term.  The current board of Phillips, Steinhoff and Falkinowski have volunteered to serve another year, but if anyone has an interest in also serving, please contact one of us.  We will also open it up for nominations from the floor.
  • Budget Review of 2018 expenses.
  • Year in Review
    • Natural Gas
    • Road Paving
    • Pool Committee Report
    • Social Committee Report
    • Architectural Review Board Report
    • Rivers Edge Website-membership directory update
    • Speed Tables
  • 2019 Look Ahead
    • Pool Chairperson Volunteer Needed
    • Landscaping of front entrance
    • HOA dues for 2019
    • Road Fund
    • New Business
    • Adjournment

Lock Your Cars

There have been a couple of thefts this past weekend from cars that were unlocked and/or attempted break in to a locked car.  Please be vigilant.  Good idea to leave on outdoor lights and keep valuables out of site if left in the vehicle.  If you see something suspicious, call the Franklin County Sheriff.

Toy Drive and Social

Hope to see many residents this Saturday at the Clubhouse for a Fall Social- please bring a toy for Toys for Tots to help local children this year.

Gas Conversion Experience

Last week we successfully completed our conversion from propane to natural gas in our home and since we were one of the first homes to complete the conversion, Ron requested that we let the community know about our experience. Mastec is working their way through the neighborhood boring a feeder line from the main gas line to each home and a second crew is coming behind them and adding a riser next to the home and tapping the feeder line into the main line. Once this is all completed, you can proceed with the conversion (ours was completed this week).

We decided to go with PSNC to perform our conversion and we converted our tankless hot water heater and our downstairs furnace (upstairs was a heat pump). PSNC does convert some fireplaces, but they would not be able to convert ours, so it was disabled during the process and we plan to convert it later. PSNC arrived on wednesday morning (10/31) and performed the entire conversion in about an hour. The two individuals performing the conversion were very professional and they mentioned each had been doing these conversions for about 20 years, so they had plenty of experience. The next day the Franklin County inspector came and everything passed. PSNC applied for the permit, set the meter and converted the applicances, which was very convenient for us. We are still looking into the propane tank options, but we are well on our way.

For residents still looking for a company to perform their conversion, PSNC is a good option and I highly recommend them. Their pricing was comparable to others that we were aware of and having a turn key solution was easy. For those interested, please email Jeff Forehand at jcforehand@scana.com and schedule an appointment with him. He’ll come to your home and go through the entire process with you and provide a quote for the conversion.

For those residents that still have not signed up for the conversion, but are thinking about it, feel free to email Jeff as well to get your name on the list. If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out to us.


Brion Paulson

155 Rivers Edge Drive

Reflectors Added to Intersections

We have added reflectors in the intersections to help drivers safely make it around the turns without driving off of the edge of the newly paved roads.  This should help in keeping the edge of the streets in tact.

Annual Meeting November 18

The Rivers Edge HOA annual meeting will be held on Sunday evening, November 18 at 7:00 p,m, in the Clubhouse.  Our covenants require the meeting to be held in November.  An agenda will be posted as we get closer to the date.

Paving Starts Wednesday, September 19

Rian’s Paving will start the paving project tomorrow.  The plan is to start at the back of the neighborhood and work towards the front.

On Wednesday, he will:

  • Mobilize his equipment.
  • Road preparation including the removal of any dirt/grass that is covering the existing roadway.

His schedule (subject to weather) is:

Starting on Rivers Edge, they will pave the two cul de sacs and work their way towards the intersection of River Club Way- expect to finish Rivers Edge this Friday.

Next Monday, they will start on River Watch Lane and complete that in 1-2 days.

Once River Watch Lane is complete, they will move over to River Club Way and assume the same time schedule.

They will then go to River Watch  and Oak Grove and begin paving towards the front and catch River Manor when they are near that intersection.

If there is a cone placed in front of your drive, do not drive into your drive as the asphalt on your tires will mark your driveway.  If they are scheduled to pave on your street, you may want to park you car out of your driveway or up at the pool parking lot.  All cars will be able to park back in your driveways at the end of each paving day.  They are going to try their best to minimize the inconvenience, but please be patient with them.  If you get flagged to come around their paving operation, please refrain from driving into neighbors grass on the opposite side of their work area.

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