Speed Tables

Speed Tables are being installed on Oak Grove Church Road this week.  Months ago, over 70% of the community voted in favor of these to control speeds through the neighborhood.  Speed Table Signs will notify oncoming traffic of a 3″ table across the road.  Please use caution when approaching.

Charter/Spectrum Offer Update

March 25, 2019


Update on Charter/Spectrum Offer


Several weeks ago, we made the community aware of a possible offer from Charter/Spectrum to offer residents:

  • Internet speeds up to 200Mbps, including modem and wireless router.
  • HD Digital TV including 3 receivers and Platinum level television channel availability.
  • Ability to stream included.

The offer for the items listed started out at $48/month with annual increases not to exceed 4% annually and a contract term of 7 years.  This is a program offered to condos/apartments and the abbreviation is an (MDU) which stands for Multiple Dwelling Unit.

Our Board met several days ago and went through the documents and the offer. There were a few items that gave us concern.

  1. Monthly billing for bulk services is directly to the HOA. We requested that each home be invoiced individually by Charter so each homeowner could pay on their own.  Charter was not willing to change this and for that reason, we believe it would not be wise to put the HOA at risk financially.
  2. As many of you know, we are a volunteer organization and give of our time to the community. We do not feel we have the appetite to invoice each homeowner monthly (or quarterly) and then collect those fees.  We felt it would be difficult to change our by-laws to require each homeowner to subscribe to these services for 7 years.  If there were changes in the by-laws, this would provide the tool to collect on past due fees, but without that we were concerned that while the bulk cable/internet billing coming into the HOA would be $4800/monthly (100 homes @ $48), a few residents may not want service from Charter and then find a provider elsewhere.  If 10 homes opt out, we would then be collecting $4320/month, thus leaving the HOA responsible for the balance.  This could quickly add up and put the HOA in financial peril.
  3. We confirmed the pricing offered was $48/monthly for these services and they are. The extras were sales taxes and government-imposed fees that are seemingly on all providers.  First year, we were looking at $54 all in plus any premium channels (HBO or Showtime) as an example.
  4. We did not feel it would be the prudent thing to do to sign this agreement and then pass it along to a new board for them over the responsibility of billing, collecting and managing this contract.

From a comparison point of view, we polled a couple of residents who are paying $180-$200 for TV and Internet.  Using $180/month, this is $2,160/year and $15,120 over 7 years.  The same homeowner, with 4% annual increases would pay $576/year one and a total of $4,546 over 7 years, representing a savings of $10,574.  If a resident is paying closer to $200/month as many are, the savings are more dramatic.

For those only paying for Internet, the current rate appears to be $75.00/month with a leased modem.  Their offer of $48 would save approximately $27/monthly, $288 annually and $2,016 over 7 years.

If there was 100% buy in from every homeowner to go down this road, then perhaps the board would revisit with proposed changes to our by-laws.  Many of you have seen or responded to past Facebook posts that they would be supportive, but again, the only way it works is with mandatory 100% participation.

In closing, we knew the offer represented incredible savings to the community.  On one hand who wouldn’t like to save or redirect $1,500 annually to something other than their cable and internet bill?  On the other hand, the terms of the offer require bulk invoicing of all homes (less premium services) to the HOA without a boilerplate manner in which to mandate homeowner participation.


Feel free to contact us with thoughts/comments.



Charter/Spectrum Community Wide TV and Internet @ $48/month

March 1, 2019

RE: Community Cable TV and Internet- $48/month

I want to share an idea with the community.  For those residents who subscribe to Charter/Spectrum, the months of January/February were beyond frustrating with more than 10 internet outages that took down television and internet with the longest outage, lasting approximately 4 hours.  After a lot of calls and letters, the issue was finally located and repaired.  Even though we were all frustrated, I was in communication with Charter’s Community Solutions team having conversations.

The Community Solutions Team indicated that they have authority to now offer bundled cable TV and Internet to Homeowners Associations.  This has been going on for years with large multifamily buildings and apartments and condo associations where basic cable is provided in the condo or rental fees.

This idea only works if every home in Rivers Edge is part of the program.  I have no idea what most residents are paying for services from Charter/Spectrum, DISH, DirecTV, CenturyLink, etc.  I know we pay $65/month for Charter/Spectrum Ultimate 200 internet so the idea of having television and internet at this low rate with the provider supplied modem and wireless router has my interest.

The Community Solutions Team (CST) reached out to us with the following offer to the Rivers Edge HOA.

7-year term $48/monthly rate, does not include sales tax

  • Spectrum Platinum TV

o   Channel Lineup attached

o   3 HD Set top boxes included per home (additional boxes $7.50/month)

  • Spectrum High Speed Internet

o   Up to 300 Mbps download

o   Modem included

o   Wireless router included

  • $48 rate
  • Minimal rate increase of no more than 4% per year
  • 1-year rate freeze
  • 1 courtesy account (available for clubhouse or common area)
  • Charter/Spectrum would pay the HOA $10,000 (one time)


The above services would provide the community a top tier TV service and internet speed faster almost 10X faster than the competitions standard speed.  On average, the rate would be over a 50% savings than what residents are currently paying for Spectrum services in Rivers Edge.


If residents wanted to add other services such as home phone or wireless phone service, PPV movies, etc. you would be able to do so.


The Platinum Lineup of services is on the attached .pdf.


Rivers Edge Rules

I thought it would be timely at the beginning of the year to post a summary of rules and architectural guidelines.

Rivers Edge

Rules and Regulations





Effective January 4, 2019


Rivers Edge is a community which has an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and Board of Directors whose responsibility is to enforce the Architectural / Maintenance and Rules of Use Guidelines and covenants, as explained in the Legal Documents.  When you close on your home your real estate agent, or closing attorney, must provide a copy of the Declaration, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. If you decide to rent your home, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the renter receives a copy of all documents. As owner you will be held accountable for the actions, or lack of, of any renters.

This document applies to owners with a permit to occupy their home. The developer and builders, commercial lots and recreational areas are not obligated to the guidelines in this document. The purpose of these guidelines is to maintain a specific appearance and sense of well-being in your community; allowing each homeowner to make minor alterations to their home in order to adapt your home to the needs of your family and your landscaping ideas. While each home will have its own personality, this control will ensure that property values in the community will not be affected by any “non-traditional” actions or improvements.

This document sets guidelines. The ACC and the Board of Directors may determine that the guidelines should not apply in a particular situation. In all cases the ACC and Board shall exercise their own judgment in making decisions. The ACC and Board of Directors may amend these guidelines at any time.

 Architectural Control Committee

As part of the review process, you are required to submit the attached Architectural Request Form before altering the exterior of your home or landscape. This form asks for detailed information about the project, diagrams, drawings, photos, roof lines, dimensions, colors, plat plans, types of plantings, and signatures of your neighbors.

The approval of your request does not ensure that your project meets any City, County or State codes, rules, and guidelines. Please contact these agencies to learn what is required of you and to obtain all necessary permits.

After receipt of your request, the ACC will review and respond to you, in writing with an approval or disapproval within 30 days of receipt of the complete request. Any request for which there is no response is approved as requested.

If you disagree with any comments or requests made of the ACC you may contact The Board of Directors and ask for an opportunity to present written appeal of your concerns with them at the next regularly scheduled meeting. At this time they will hear and take into consideration your point of view. They will not be required to make a decision without reviewing the legal documents and discussing the matter with the ACC. You will be informed of the appeal decision as quickly as possible.

Whatever you do, or do not do, within your property lines has an effect on your property values as well as the other homeowners in your neighborhood. The Board of Directors hopes that you will participate in this community in a manner that will sustain your community’s intrinsic value, add style and beauty, and enhance the comfort level of the community as a whole. Thank you.

Rules and Regulations

The Rules of Rivers Edge were put in place to ensure that each resident would be able to live in this community and feel welcome, safe, and secure. In addition to the rules covered in the Covenants, your Board has approved additional rules. These rules and regulations do not change or override the Declaration and Bylaws and may be subject to future change

Additions/Changes (See above for more details.)

All external changes to homes and property must have approval from the ACC before any work begins. This includes, but is not limited to the following: changes to doors, windows, landscaping, exterior painting, exterior renovations, color of your home, shutters, front door, gazebos, walkways, retaining walls, exterior lighting, additional patios, raised gardens, vegetable gardens, tree removal, etc. Painting projects not requiring change of color may be completed without informing the ACC. When in doubt, submit a request form.


The applicant must ensure that all contractors etc. control the conduct of their employees while working on your home. Loud music, profanity, and other unbecoming behavior will not be tolerated. Monday -Saturday, work must not begin before 7:00 AM and cleanup will be completed prior to 8:00 PM, Sunday work hours are between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

Site Cleanliness

Work sites must be maintained in a clean and orderly manner at all times.


Inherently dangerous animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall not be raised, bred, or kept in or on any lot, common area or facility. Dogs, cats or other household pets, limited to a total of 3 such animals, may be kept in the home.

No stable, poultry house or pen, or other similar structure shall be constructed or allowed on any lot.

When not in the home, dogs, cats and other household pets must be on a leash, be carried or otherwise restrained. Dogs may not be tethered in the yard or remain outside except for reasonable periods of time.

You are responsible for the removal of all of your animal’s waste on private and common area property.


Noxious, dangerous, or offensive activity shall not be carried on/in any home or property nor shall anything be done therein which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to other residents.


Satellite Dishes

Not allowed in common areas. Requests must be submitted for ACC approval.


Use with caution. They are prohibited inside the pool area except for an HOA sponsored event.

Basketball Hoops

Permanent in ground hoops must be approved by the ACC before installation. Hoops attached to the home are not allowed.


Bikes must not be left on the street, front and side yards, or common areas. Please ensure that all such equipment is stored out of sight.

Clothes Lines

Outdoor clothes lines, of all types, are not allowed in the community.

Construction Materials

Lumber, brick, stone, cinder block, concrete or any other building materials, scaffolding, mechanical  devices or any other items used for building purposes shall not be stored on any lot in an exposed location except for the purpose of construction on such lot and shall not be stored on lot for longer than the length of time reasonably necessary for the construction in which the same is to be used.

Decks (other than those provided by the builder)

Decks must receive ACC approval before installation, be in the rear of and complement the home. Decks must meet all building codes as required by the county. The deck itself and any landscaping shall not prohibit proper drainage and shall allow water to flow away from the foundation and your neighbors’ yard.

Decorative Flags/ Decorations

Flags are allowed as long as they are not offensive, in any way, to individuals or specific groups. The United States and North Carolina state flags are specifically allowed, but must be flown or displayed properly. Flags must be no more than four feet by six feet. Freestanding flagpoles of any type are not permitted. Flag poles (of a reasonable size) attached to the side or front of the home are allowed.


Screened enclosures of any sort must receive ACC approval before installation.


Fences/ Dog Runs

You must receive ACC approval before building all fences and dog runs.

Patio and deck fences shall be between 3 ft. and 6 ft. in height and be located on the edge of either the deck or patio. All structural elements shall face to the inside of the fence.

Yard fences must not be lower than 3 ft. and not higher than 6 ft. at the highest point and follow the natural grade of the land. All fences must be at least 3 inches inside the property line.

Fences may not extend past the middle point of each side of the home unless it is to cover the air conditioning units.

Chain link, wood, and electric fences (except in-ground low voltage pet control) are not allowed.

Please check your recorded plat plan before constructing any fences to identify easements, buffers or other restrictions on your lot. Any fences that are constructed over an easement, buffer or other restriction shall be done at the owner’s risk and must be removed upon request by the easement/buffer owner.

Fencing in some locations, especially along roads, will require the installation of additional landscaping. The ACC will address the need for this on an individual basis.


When not in use, garage doors shall be left in a closed position.

Garbage Cans, Etc.

All garbage cans, hot tubs, spas, and related equipment, and other similar items shall be located or screened so as to be concealed from view of neighboring streets and property.

All rubbish, garbage and trash shall be regularly removed and shall not be allowed to accumulate.

Do not put furniture, metal, construction debris, etc. at the curb; call your local waste provider to make arrangements for removal.


Mailboxes shall be maintained by each homeowner. Contact your builder or the ACC for replacement mailboxes. You must use the standard Rivers Edge mailbox.

Noise: Music/TV/Auto/Animal/Etc.

Each person has their own tolerance level for noise. Please keep your “sounds” to a level that it will not travel to the homes of other residents.

County noise ordinance regulations will be enforced.


On street parking is limited to guests of residents. Personal vehicles should be parked in the garage and driveway.

Current registration and tags must be visible; automobiles may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Recognizing that many residents have small businesses, work from home, or are provided transportation vehicles by their employer, requests to park vehicles that have company or business names and/or signage may be made to the ACC.  These requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


Only patio type furniture may be kept on balconies, decks and patios.

Play Equipment

Such equipment must blend with the natural surroundings, shall be an appropriate size for the backyard and shall be screened, with landscaping or fencing, from the street and neighbors. ACC approval required.

The equipment must be in good working order and shall be maintained at all times. Broken, rusted, or non-used equipment must be removed.


Inoperative, abandoned or non-licensed vehicles, of any type, shall not be stored on any lot, common area, or street within the community. Only very minor motor vehicle maintenance is permitted on your lot within the community. Repairs may not be made on common area or on any street.

Boats, trailers, campers, commercial and all other similar vehicles may not be parked in the street. They may be parked in a garage or area completely screened from the street and adjoining lots.

Any boat, motor home, trailer, or recreational vehicle shall not be parked in the driveway, lot, or adjacent street for longer than five continuous days without the written permission of the Board of Directors. Without approval, the above vehicles will be subject to removal upon written notification from the Association, at the owner’s expense.  Exceptions may be made for small personal trailers that are frequently used on a case by case basis, but they must still be stored and screened from the street and adjoining lots.

Sheds/Out Buildings/Animal Houses

All such buildings visible from the street or any adjacent neighbor lots must receive ACC approval before installation, be built in proportion to the yard and primary residence, using the same exterior materials of the house and/or be painted using the same color scheme.

  • Sheds are defined as outbuildings having a maximum floor area of 240 square feet. The minimum roof pitch of a shed shall be 6:12.
  • Sheds shall be built on a concrete slab, or concrete footings must be used in all corners. Sheds not built on a concrete slab must be girded in order to hide footings. Please submit plans for girding in architectural approval.
  • Outbuildings having floor areas from 241 to 1500 square feet are defined as detached garages. Detached garages shall not exceed 1500 square feet. The minimum roof pitch of a detached garage shall be 10:12.
  • Outbuildings shall be sided with HardiPlank, same as used on the primary residence. Decorative brick or stone is encouraged but not mandatory.
  • Outbuildings shall not be built with gambrel (barn style) roofs. Such roofs are not consistent with the style of our homes.

Such buildings must be maintained, doors must remain closed when not in use, located in the back yard and screened from view with large shrubs. Any building in disrepair must be removed from the property.


Signs, except one “for sale” or “for rent” sign, shall not be displayed to the public from any home without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors.

One political sign, no larger than 24”x 24”, may be displayed within the period 45 days prior to, and 7 days after an election. One sign announcing garage sales may be placed at the home for no more than 48 hours.

Speed Limit

The speed limit while in the community is as posted or not more than 25 miles per hour.

Storage Tanks

No exposed above ground tanks will be allowed. Please refer to your legal documents for additional information.

Each unit owner and resident shall comply with the Covenants and the Rules voted on by the Board of Directors.  Failure to do so could result in fines and legal costs.

If you disagree with any ruling, you may appeal it at the next Board meeting. Please contact your Board president for date, time and location and agenda. However, until the situation is resolved, all fines will remain in place and the decision will be considered final.

2019 Dues

Dues will be $500 for 2019.  Statements are being sent to each homeowner this week with a due date of January 31.  More details are on the website under the HOA Dues 2019 tab

HOA Annual Meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting of the Rives Edge Home Owner’s Association was held at 7:00 P.M. on November 18, 2018 in the Rivers Edge Clubhouse> The following Board Members were present: Ron Phillips, President; and Gary Faltinowski, Secretary. Not present, Richard Steinhoff, Vice President, who was out of town.


A total of fifteen (15) properties were represented by owners; thereby, meeting the required quorum of 10% of Association membership (99 voting households) in accordance with HOA By-Laws.


The meeting commenced with introduction of HOA Board members present, and absent, as well as HOA Treasurer Emily Paulson.

The following are the key points for each of the agenda topics:

  • Election of Board Members- each board member serves a one-year term, with a maximum of three consecutive years.
    • The current board of Phillips, Steinhoff and Faltinowski have volunteered to serve for the 2019 term.
    • Open for any new nominations or volunteers
  • Budget Review of 2018 expenses
    • Reviewed the 2018 expenses and revenues from HOA dues, road assessment, split payment fees, late fees and interest.
    • HOA dues for 2019 will remain the same ($500/property).
  • Road maintenance.
    • Future maintenance of the road will require sealing the surface ever 3-5 years at an estimated cost of $32,000 (2018 cost).
    • To ensure adequate funds are in the road maintenance account there will be a deposit of $10,00/year from the HOA dues collected.
  • Club House
    • Will be gathering information on exterior painting (trim) of the clubhouse.
  • Pool Update
    • In discussion with pool service contactor on cost to refurbish pool surface and tile
    • Looking for Pool Committee Chairperson.
  • Social Committee
    • Upcoming events information is sent by e-mail and posted to HOA calendar webpage
  • Natural Gas Installation
    • Over 70 homes have now signed on with PSNC for natural gas service
  • Grounds
    • The HOA contract landscaper (Hugo) service contract will be renewed
    • The front entrance landscaping will be updated and refreshed
    • Working on identifying repair options of stop signs (Rix Evans volunteered to head up effort)
  • ARC Committee report
    • Of the requests received this year, none have had to be denied. Several required further discussions with homeowner, to ensure compliance with covenants and By-Laws.
  • Road Safety
    • The configuration/construction of the speed tables has yet to be finalized, as several residents have raised the issue of low-profile vehicles
  • Webpage and directory
    • The webpage has been updated, as well as the directory search option
  • New business
    • Election of the current HOA Board Members for the 2019 term
      • Motion made by Jodi Blackburn that the current board be re-elected for the 2019 Term, second by David Webster
      • All members in attendance voted in favor
  • Adjournment

PSNC Contact Information

I don’t think door hanger with the instructions have been properly distributed.  The instructions are:

Once you decide to install natural gas, converting your home involves seven simple steps: 

Converting to Natural Gas

1. A local PSNC Energy representative will complete the paperwork necessary to generate your order.
2. A PSNC Energy crew will install the service line from the street to your home. Digging is required, but PSNC Energy will reseed the dig site and replace landscaping if necessary.
3. Once the service line is extended to the home a contractor (mechanical/plumber) of your choice will need to file for a permit and then convert/replace your appliances*. They may also need to extend the inside gas piping to the location of where your gas meter will eventually be set.
4. Once the appliances have been converted and any necessary piping completed the contractor will call to schedule to have their work inspected by your localcity/county inspections department.
5. Once the inspection occurs and is approved, contact PSNC ENERGY at 1-877-584-7762 (Mon-Fri 8-5) to set up your gas account and to schedule an appointment to have your natural gas meter set and activated. Please note that we strive to have the gas meter set and activated the same day the inspection is approved however depending on the time of day that the inspection occurs it could be the following day before the meter set can be completed.
6. Once the meter is set and activated, your contractor will need to return to your home (usually the same day) to start your appliances and check them for safe and proper operation.
7. Now it’s time to sit back and rely on PSNC ENERGY to bring the comfort and convenience of clean, reliable natural gas service and energy-efficient appliances to your home.

*Most propane appliances including furnaces, stoves, grills and dryers can be converted to operate on natural gas. Most propane water heaters cannot be converted. A contractor of your choice can assist you in converting your appliances to operate on natural gas. Please have your contractor verify that your equipment can be converted otherwise it may need replacing. You can also contact PSNC Energy for this service at a cost.  We can also provide financing for HVAC replacement through our authorized HVAC contractors.

*PSNC Energy appliance sales, installation, maintenance, and repair are not a part of the regulated services offered by PSNC Energy and are not in any way sanctioned by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. There is no advantage to customers of PSNC Energy if they buy these products or services from PSNC Energy. A customer does not have to buy such products or services in order to continue to receive the same safe and reliable natural gas service from PSNC Energy.


Annual Meeting November 18

We will have our annual meeting, starting at 7 at the Clubhouse.

Tentative Agenda


  • Election of Board Members- each board member serves a one year term.  The current board of Phillips, Steinhoff and Falkinowski have volunteered to serve another year, but if anyone has an interest in also serving, please contact one of us.  We will also open it up for nominations from the floor.
  • Budget Review of 2018 expenses.
  • Year in Review
    • Natural Gas
    • Road Paving
    • Pool Committee Report
    • Social Committee Report
    • Architectural Review Board Report
    • Rivers Edge Website-membership directory update
    • Speed Tables
  • 2019 Look Ahead
    • Pool Chairperson Volunteer Needed
    • Landscaping of front entrance
    • HOA dues for 2019
    • Road Fund
    • New Business
    • Adjournment

Lock Your Cars

There have been a couple of thefts this past weekend from cars that were unlocked and/or attempted break in to a locked car.  Please be vigilant.  Good idea to leave on outdoor lights and keep valuables out of site if left in the vehicle.  If you see something suspicious, call the Franklin County Sheriff.

Toy Drive and Social

Hope to see many residents this Saturday at the Clubhouse for a Fall Social- please bring a toy for Toys for Tots to help local children this year.

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