Paving Starts Wednesday, September 19

Rian’s Paving will start the paving project tomorrow.  The plan is to start at the back of the neighborhood and work towards the front.

On Wednesday, he will:

  • Mobilize his equipment.
  • Road preparation including the removal of any dirt/grass that is covering the existing roadway.

His schedule (subject to weather) is:

Starting on Rivers Edge, they will pave the two cul de sacs and work their way towards the intersection of River Club Way- expect to finish Rivers Edge this Friday.

Next Monday, they will start on River Watch Lane and complete that in 1-2 days.

Once River Watch Lane is complete, they will move over to River Club Way and assume the same time schedule.

They will then go to River Watch  and Oak Grove and begin paving towards the front and catch River Manor when they are near that intersection.

If there is a cone placed in front of your drive, do not drive into your drive as the asphalt on your tires will mark your driveway.  If they are scheduled to pave on your street, you may want to park you car out of your driveway or up at the pool parking lot.  All cars will be able to park back in your driveways at the end of each paving day.  They are going to try their best to minimize the inconvenience, but please be patient with them.  If you get flagged to come around their paving operation, please refrain from driving into neighbors grass on the opposite side of their work area.

Speed Table Yes or No

We had a real nice social event last night and as the paving is about to begin (this Wednesday), the conversation of speed tables came up as one of the constant complaints is speeding, particularly on Oak Grove Church Road. Included is a photo of what a speed table will look like if approved. The tables are about 15 feet long with a slight ramp up, then a flat platform and ramp back down that will not hinder low clearance vehicles. The idea is you will still be able to travel at the posted speed limit of 25 MPH without an issue. These tables are common in the Wake Forest area. School buses will still make their runs (confirmed by the Sheriff yesterday). The approximate cost is $1600 per table and there will not be any additional fees/assessments to homeowners to have these installed. We had approximately 37 at the meeting last night and by a show of hands, it was 34 to 3 in favor to install speed bumps. The 3 board members believe that the best idea is to have each homeowner send an email (don’t post to Facebook) to the with your address listed and a simple yes to indicate in favor, or no if you are against. This will give us a record of how the community feels. The proposed locations for two tables is close to River Manor Drive (near a culvert that will prevent driving around these) and at the lowest section of Oak Grove Road near our common grounds where the 3 culverts pass underneath the street. We know this is an important issue and appreciate your feedback. We need to put a deadline on time to respond, so 5:00 p.m. Thursday, September 20 should be enough time to have a family conversation. If anyone has questions in advance, please send me an email to the address listed above.

Ron Phillips

Sunday Social, Meet our Sheriff

We will have a small social tomorrow night at 6:30.  Our guest will be Sheriff Ken Winstead.  This is a good opportunity to hear about law enforcement in Franklin County.  Also an update on the roads and gas installation that is moving ahead.  Drinks and snacks provided.  Hope to see everyone there.

7 Steps

As the gas line infrastructure is nearing completion it is time for those considering moving to natural gas to review these steps in preparation of converting soon.

Once you decide to install natural gas, converting your home involves seven simple steps:

Converting to Natural Gas

  1. A local PSNC Energy representative will complete the paperwork necessary to generate your order.
  2. A PSNC Energy crew will install the service line from the street to your home. Digging is required, but PSNC Energy will re-seed the dig site and replace landscaping if necessary.
  3. Once the service line is extended to the home a contractor (mechanical/plumber) of your choice will need to file for a permit and then convert/replace your appliances*. They may also need to extend the inside gas piping to the location of where your gas meter will eventually be set.
  4. Once the appliances have been converted and any necessary piping completed the contractor will call to schedule to have their work inspected by your local city/county inspections department.
  5. Once the inspection occurs and is approved, contact PSNC ENERGY at 1-877-584-7762 (Mon-Fri 8-5) to set up your gas account and to schedule an appointment to have your natural gas meter set and activated. Please note that we strive to have the gas meter set and activated the same day the inspection is approved however depending on the time of day that the inspection occurs it could be the following day before the meter set can be completed.
  6. Once the meter is set and activated, your contractor will need to return to your home (usually the same day) to start your appliances and check them for safe and proper operation.
  7. Now it’s time to sit back and rely on PSNC ENERGY to bring the comfort and convenience of clean, reliable natural gas service and energy-efficient appliances to your home.

*Most propane appliances including furnaces, stoves, grills and dryers can be converted to operate on natural gas. Most propane water heaters cannot be converted. A contractor of your choice can assist you in converting your appliances to operate on natural gas. Please have your contractor verify that your equipment can be converted otherwise it may need replacing.  You can also contact PSNC Energy for this service at a cost.  We can also provide financing for HVAC replacement through our authorized HVAC contractors.

*PSNC Energy appliance sales, installation, maintenance, and repair are not a part of the regulated services offered by PSNC Energy and are not in any way sanctioned by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. There is no advantage to customers of PSNC Energy if they buy these products or services from PSNC Energy. A customer does not have to buy such products or services in order to continue to receive the same safe and reliable natural gas service from PSNC Energy.

Many have asked about mechanical contractors to do the conversion.  It is a good idea to contact them in advance in case parts for conversion of a tankless water heater, furnace or fireplace is needed, they can get them on order in coming weeks for a smooth conversion.  (I found our furnace orifices inside the door of the furnace left from the installer.)


Here are a few companies to contact:

TriSouth Mechanical, Jeremy Hundley 919-435-2728

Casey’s Services,  919-556-3338

Alford Mechanical, 919-246-5265

Mechanical HVAC 919-912-5350


I am sure there are others and we are offering these names as they have done work in the community.



Permits have been issued by NCDOT to PSNC that will allow them to bore under Hwy 96 and then continue with gas pipeline installation on Oak Grove Church Road in Wake County so they can tap into the active gas supply.  Target date for this work to be completed is early October. (depending on weather and not running into a large obstruction along the construction path)  At that time, the gas lines in Rivers Edge will then be functional and homeowners that have made a commitment to convert to natural gas will have the opportunity to do so.

September Social and Meet the Sheriff

Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 16, 6:30  p.m.  We will have a small social with refreshments and spend a few minutes catching up on the activities that have taken place this summer including the gas line infrastructure and long awaited paving of our roads.  We will also host Sheriff Winstead who will be available to answer questions related to law enforcement and his department.  Hope to see everyone there.

Two Week Notice To Begin Paving

Paving Schedule- we have issued a notice to proceed to the paving contractor. If you have a lawn that extends out over the road, you have a couple of weeks to cut back the lawn to avoid having the paving equipment coming in and rolling any excess that is on the road back into your lawn. For those with sprinkler heads close to the road, please keep them marked. The plan is for Rian’s Paving to start on Rivers Edge and work their way to the front.


The pool access gate is operational, your swipe card should work.

Thank you

Swimming Pool Closed

The pool is closed for the time being as the card access system appears to have been damaged from recent storms.  We will provide an update once we have more information.



Golf Carts in Rivers Edge

Please review the use of Golf Carts and ATV’s under the documents section of the web site. We have fielded a couple of concerns from residents regarding driving of golf carts (most likley by unlicensed and underaged drivers.  There is a lot of traffic in here with contractors and people touring for sale homes and caution is urged and not a bad idea to comply with NC traffic laws regarding underage driving

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