HOA Meeting Update

Gary F will submit the minutes from our annual HOA meeting last night.  Until these are posted, a few comments:

  • Out of 100 homes, we had representation of 14 homes (10 required for a quorum.
  • There were no new nominations from anyone to serve one year terms on the Board.  Per our bylaws, a motion was presented to extend the number of consecutive years a board member can serve from 3 to 5 years, thus allowing the current board to serve the upcoming year.  
  • With a lack of community participation, we will soon (within a year) be in a position to solicit proposals from HOA management companies to take over day to day functions such as accounting, ARB reviews, working with closing attorneys when homes are sold, pool management, etc.  This will undoubtedly lead to significant increases in HOA dues in the next couple of years.
  • The current board will meet within the next week to establish our budget for 2020.  We will stay with only one invoice and payment of dues as we will be without a treasurer early next year.  It is easier and cheaper (postage) to put out one invoice and when the dues were reduced from $640 back to $500 annually, we thought this was more manageable amount for most.  



Ron Phillips

We Need a Treasurer-from Emily Paulson

Hi Neighbors!

I need your help.  I’ve been serving as Treasurer for the past three years and before that I was Social Chair.  Although it’s been a pleasure serving in both of those roles, I need a break.  At last night’s HOA meeting there were no volunteers for either the three board positions or the treasurer’s job.  Your three current board members graciously agreed to serve another year and possibly two.  Ron, Richard, and Gary have been doing a wonderful job, but also recognize the need to have some rotation going on within the board.  There is also the concern that if the current lack of interest in serving in these roles continues, then we will have to look into a management company which in my experience at another neighborhood is impersonal and expensive.  One of the main reasons why I originally agreed to be treasurer was to avoid having to use a management company.

Being the treasurer is truly not a horrible job.  The job is busiest at the beginning of the year with the annual dues and after that, it requires a few hours a month.  In order to help the next treasurer out, I’m willing to serve through January and then hand off on February 1st.  If you have any questions about the job, please let me know.  I might even be interested in taking the job back in a few years, but next year I need to make some time to focus on some areas in my own life.  I need to hand the treasurer job off so it gets the attention it deserves.


Emily Paulson


Upcoming Social Events

Upcoming Social Committee activities:

1.     Thanksgiving Feast Saturday 11/16 at the Clubhouse 5:00- 6:30 ish.    We will provide ham, turkey and non alcoholic drinks.   Bring a side dish or dessert to share.  

2.  Weather permitting- Sunday 12/1 at 11:00.  We will be decorating the front entrance and clubhouse.   If you would like to help please meet at the clubhouse at 11:00.   We will need ladders at the clubhouse to put up lights.  

3.   There will be a Christmas Yard Decorating contest this year.   Start getting ideas and planning.  😀  More information to come.  

Thank you! 

The Social Committee 

Upcoming Social Events

Upcoming Social Committee Events
1.   Halloween
The Social Committee invites you to join us for our first Trick-or-Treat kick-off celebration on Halloween night.  
Location: Clubhouse 
Time: Halloween night at 5:30 sharp
Come dressed in your favorite cute, scary, creative or hilarious costumes because there will be a costume contest by age groups.  A light dinner of “Taco in a Bag” will be provided so don’t worry about feeding the kids just come enjoy the Halloween fun.  The event begins at 5:30 and trick or treating will follow immediately after.  Go grab your costume and we will see you on Halloween.  
2.   Trivia Night at White Street Brewery 11/6/19
Everyone is invited to join us for Trivia Night at White Street Brewery on Wednesday November 6th. Trivia is from 8:00-9:00 so plan to arrive anytime after 7:00.   It’s group trivia with one answer per team so everyone works together.  I will have a “Rivers Edge” sign at our table so you can find us if you are a new neighbor.   
3.   Thanksgiving Feast
Location: Clubhouse 
Time: Saturday 11/16/19 at 5:00 pm
Please join us for a Thanksgiving Feast filled with friendship, laughter and good food.   We will provide the ham, turkey and drinks.  Please bring your favorite Thanksgiving side dish or dessert to share.  
4.   Kickball
A date for a neighborhood kickball game will be coming soon.  We are waiting on field approval.  
Hope to see everyone out in the neighborhood soon! 
Tracy Rabon and the fabulous 
Social Committee Team

Notice of Annual Meeting- November 10

Rivers Edge HOA’s Annual Meeting will take place Sunday, November 10 at 6:30 p.m.  Per the covenants, we are giving a 30 day notice.  Agenda will include:

1. Call to order

2. Reading of minutes

3. Committee Reports- Pool, Architectural, Grounds, Road, Treasurer

4. Nomination and election of board members (3) openings

5. Nomination for treasurer.

6. New Business

Upcoming Social Events

1.   This Wednesday  9/11 guys night out for trivia night at White Street Brewery.  Trivia is from 8:00-9:00 so plan to arrive anytime after 7:00.    I will be staying for the first night so any ladies who want to join me feel free.  

2.   Painting class (like Wine and Design) Friday 9/27 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the clubhouse.   Sign up with this link.  
This year we are organizing a Halloween gathering at the clubhouse to start our night of trick-or-treating out with loads of fun. We will be providing a light dinner, activities, and a costume contest. Mark your calendar for Oct 31 @ 5:30. Can’t wait to see you there!
4.  Save the date:
Saturday November 16th 5:00- 7:00 a Thanksgiving Feast with neighborhood friends.  More info to come.  

Pool Closing

Tentative pool closing date will be Sunday, September 29.  We have a couple of projects to do around the pool and clubhouse and have been waiting on the swim season to wind down.  The furniture will be stored and gate padlocked on the 29th.  

Painting Party

Hello neighbors, 
The Social Committee invites you to join us for a Painting Party.
It’s similar to Wine and Design if you’re familiar with it.  I have attached a picture of the painting we will do.  No experience necessary.   
When: Friday September 27th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Where: Clubhouse
Adult beverages are allowed.  BYOB 
Cost: $30 per person 
Use the link below to register and pay directly to Art Party designs by Elisa.  
There is a 20 person maximum so register quickly if you’re interested.  
All tickets must be purchased 1 week prior to the event by Friday 9/20.   
Here is the link to register and pay. 
We will be painting “The Fall Tree”
This picture gives you the idea if you have not done this before.  
Please let me know if you have any questions.  
Tracy Rabon
Social Committee Chair 


Upcoming Board Elections

It is not too early to start thinking about new board members for 2020.  The annual meeting will take place in November and there will be openings for at least two members as well as a treasurer as this is Emily Paulson’s final year as an awesome treasurer.  If anyone has questions about what the various responsibilities are, please contact any current board member for more information.

Pool Rules

It looks like the newly painted pool is a hit thus far, along with the salt water system installed last season.  There are rules posted for swimming along with emergency contact information at the outdoor phone if needed.  Help us by keeping the bathrooms clean, trash put into the bin and umbrellas folded down after each use in the event of high winds/thunderstorms.  With the pool open just a couple of days, we have also seen teenagers blocking open the gate (after hours) for their friends.  This took place last night around 9 and they left around 10.  When we see things like this, the board has decided we will simply call the Sheriff’s office and report it as the pool hours are posted as closing at 8.  We cannot take the risk of someone up there getting injured and/or swimming beyond the hours that our Franklin County Pool Permit is issued for.  Please share these rules with every member of your family.



Ron Phillips

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