Note from PSNC Regarding Line Installation

We are pleased to announce that PSNC Energy will be bringing natural gas past your home. PSNC Energy has hired MasTec as a contractor to install the gas lines. They will contact the NC one call to have all public utilities (Power, cable/telephone, water, and city sewer) located and identified prior to starting work.
NC one call does not locate any lines that are considered private such as sprinkler systems, low voltage lighting, dog fences, septic systems, or private water lines etc… Therefore if you have any of these types of lines located in the “Utility Right of Way” (the right of way is usually 20-30 feet from the center line of the road) or if you are receiving service to your home you will need to mark these lines, as we nor our contractors will be responsible for damage to private lines located in the utility right of way. If private lines are properly marked we will use caution around them.
As for replanting we will meet the DOT/NCDNR requirements with fescue seed and straw, we will not be replacing any sod on the right of way. If you require a special type of grass we will gladly spread the seed for you if you supply, or we can leave uncovered for a 7-day period if you choose to have your landscaper lay sod, just get with the crew onsite in advance.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation, if you have not already signed up for service and would like to get service to your home please feel free to contact us at 1-877-776-2427 or visit
(Select Henderson as your closest location)


  1. Ron I would like to know what the plan is for the lines which side of the road are they using to come down and is there a map /plan if so I would like to see it..Evelyn webb 15 oak grove.. 561-906-7314

    1. Evelyn,

      The map is not the best quality, but the drawing I have seen is they will install the line across the street from your home. If you connect to natural gas, they will bore under the road and then connect to a newly installed gas meter.

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