HOA Road Meeting – Slides and Minutes

Thank you to all the residents that attended HOA Road Meeting on 8/23.  As discussed in the meeting, the Road Committee and HOA Board will be working on another questionnaire via survey monkey that will describe in more details which funding raising options we have to choose from and the results of this survey will hopefully assist us in narrowing down the choices that we will be voting on during our next community wide HOA meeting in the upcoming months.

Below is a link to the slides that were presented at the meeting.

Rivers Edge Road Meeting – August 2015

HOA Road Meeting Minutes, 8/23/2015:

Board members present: Joy Currin, President; Mike Davis, Secretary

Road Committee members present: Brion Paulson, Jody Blackburn, David Williams, Dawson Smith

Households represented: 31

A Power Point presentation was given by Brion Paulson outlining the information and decisions discussed by the road committee and board. (link attached above)

Several residents expressed concerns and asked questions regarding the funding options for road work.

Questions were asked about the results of the interviews and the number of residents that participated (47).

Timeline of proposed road improvement naming advantages of moving forward in the near future was discussed.

Request to investigate process and procedures to privatize our subdivision roads and concerns about future development in neighboring parcels of land.

Suggestion was made to do a short survey reaching as many households as possible to determine the opinions of residents in regard to possible road work and required funding. Survey will include options for assessments or  raising funds by increasing homeowners dues.





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