HOA Meeting Minutes/Report

Thanks to everyone who came to the May HOA General Membership Meeting!  Special thanks to all the individuals who helped with pool access cards and committee reports and Brion Paulson for his help with the email and web site – as well as the hard work and their time by the HOA Board Members so far this year.

HOA Meeting Minutes, 5/17/2015:

Opening Remarks – Bernie Wolf

Re-cap of actions taken by the Board since January 2015:

Extensive use of the Web Site and Email to keep people informed of what is going on, including minutes of Board Meetings held each month.

Board members are now bonded/financial insurance.

New landscape contract – New company, more expensive but more work will be done.

Tax bill for club house & pool – lawyer contacted, coordination with Franklin County Tax Office, cleared up. No back taxes due, status now officially changed.

Updated Rules & Regulations to reflect changes in the community.  Posted on web site.

Enforcement procedures for rules violations now posted.

New pool access system installed.

New By-Laws written.

Club house power washed, interior painted, new phone & weather proof housing.

Front entrance repaved, large patch on back road. Vote was taken 2 years ago, assessment approved and collected.  Bill paid.

Discussion on road condition – special meeting requested to be called for the specific purpose of exploring various options for maintenance, repair, and possible turn over to D.O.T.

Motion made, seconded, vote taken and passed to request special HOA meeting. Meeting will take place between Jun17 – Jul17, date and time will be announced.

Budget Update – provided by treasurer, John Ryan.

Designated Road Fund Proposal – Board suggested initial transfer of $60,000 to a separate account at our bank. This will be money designated for road maintenance and cannot be spent on anything else without a majority vote by the community at an HOA meeting. It is the intention of the Board that each fiscal year future Boards will determine the amount needed for a contingency/reserve fund and additional funds will be deposited into this account. The purpose of the Road Fund will be to maintain the roads and, as the fund grows, to offset either fully or partially, future assessments for road improvements, as voted on and approved by the community.

Updated By-Laws – revised By-Laws were approved by a majority vote of members present and are effective immediately, posted on web site.

Committee Updates provided as follows:

–   Road Committee

Community meeting requested to provide information, possible individual homeowner visits by committee members to elicit homeowner opinions on how to proceed.  Brion Paulson

–    Pool Committee

Pool officially opens Friday, May 22, 2015. Please observe all pool rules and opening times as posted on web site. Pool access cards may be picked up from Marcia Eadie, 115 River Watch Ln, between 6:30-8:30 pm. Old cards will not work.

–    Social Committee

Activities already held with some good participation. Planning community yard sale Sat, June 6th , Fourth of July parade, end of summer event, book swap. Ideas and participation welcomed, please contact Emily Paulson – Joy Currin, acting for Emily Paulson

–    Landscape Committee – Information provided earlier in meeting.

–    Neighborhood Watch

Discussed home security, traffic safety especially awareness of speeding in our neighborhood.  Hollywood (Allen Burbank).

The meeting was adjourned.






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