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Being proactive, we are going to start the process of interviewing and getting proposals to turn over the management of the HOA to a 3rd party provider who specializes in community management.  I can recall conversations a few years ago and with the lack of interest to source a treasurer and little interest thus far in volunteers who are willing to serve as board members, we feel it is the right thing to at least entertain proposals from companies who would take over the day to day management of the pool, grounds, real estate transfers, treasury, restrictive covenants and architectural requests.  We will have proposals for our meeting in November that will allow residents to review and comment on prior to making any formal decisions.  


Ron Phillips

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  1. Good afternoon Ron, I am willing to serve on the Board, I will be out of town for the Annual Meeting. I would prefer we not go to a Management company as I foresee the dues climbing every year.

    Jim Bendickson

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