HOA Annual Meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting of the Rives Edge Home Owner’s Association was held at 7:00 P.M. on November 18, 2018 in the Rivers Edge Clubhouse> The following Board Members were present: Ron Phillips, President; and Gary Faltinowski, Secretary. Not present, Richard Steinhoff, Vice President, who was out of town.


A total of fifteen (15) properties were represented by owners; thereby, meeting the required quorum of 10% of Association membership (99 voting households) in accordance with HOA By-Laws.


The meeting commenced with introduction of HOA Board members present, and absent, as well as HOA Treasurer Emily Paulson.

The following are the key points for each of the agenda topics:

  • Election of Board Members- each board member serves a one-year term, with a maximum of three consecutive years.
    • The current board of Phillips, Steinhoff and Faltinowski have volunteered to serve for the 2019 term.
    • Open for any new nominations or volunteers
  • Budget Review of 2018 expenses
    • Reviewed the 2018 expenses and revenues from HOA dues, road assessment, split payment fees, late fees and interest.
    • HOA dues for 2019 will remain the same ($500/property).
  • Road maintenance.
    • Future maintenance of the road will require sealing the surface ever 3-5 years at an estimated cost of $32,000 (2018 cost).
    • To ensure adequate funds are in the road maintenance account there will be a deposit of $10,00/year from the HOA dues collected.
  • Club House
    • Will be gathering information on exterior painting (trim) of the clubhouse.
  • Pool Update
    • In discussion with pool service contactor on cost to refurbish pool surface and tile
    • Looking for Pool Committee Chairperson.
  • Social Committee
    • Upcoming events information is sent by e-mail and posted to HOA calendar webpage
  • Natural Gas Installation
    • Over 70 homes have now signed on with PSNC for natural gas service
  • Grounds
    • The HOA contract landscaper (Hugo) service contract will be renewed
    • The front entrance landscaping will be updated and refreshed
    • Working on identifying repair options of stop signs (Rix Evans volunteered to head up effort)
  • ARC Committee report
    • Of the requests received this year, none have had to be denied. Several required further discussions with homeowner, to ensure compliance with covenants and By-Laws.
  • Road Safety
    • The configuration/construction of the speed tables has yet to be finalized, as several residents have raised the issue of low-profile vehicles
  • Webpage and directory
    • The webpage has been updated, as well as the directory search option
  • New business
    • Election of the current HOA Board Members for the 2019 term
      • Motion made by Jodi Blackburn that the current board be re-elected for the 2019 Term, second by David Webster
      • All members in attendance voted in favor
  • Adjournment

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