Gas Conversion Experience

Last week we successfully completed our conversion from propane to natural gas in our home and since we were one of the first homes to complete the conversion, Ron requested that we let the community know about our experience. Mastec is working their way through the neighborhood boring a feeder line from the main gas line to each home and a second crew is coming behind them and adding a riser next to the home and tapping the feeder line into the main line. Once this is all completed, you can proceed with the conversion (ours was completed this week).

We decided to go with PSNC to perform our conversion and we converted our tankless hot water heater and our downstairs furnace (upstairs was a heat pump). PSNC does convert some fireplaces, but they would not be able to convert ours, so it was disabled during the process and we plan to convert it later. PSNC arrived on wednesday morning (10/31) and performed the entire conversion in about an hour. The two individuals performing the conversion were very professional and they mentioned each had been doing these conversions for about 20 years, so they had plenty of experience. The next day the Franklin County inspector came and everything passed. PSNC applied for the permit, set the meter and converted the applicances, which was very convenient for us. We are still looking into the propane tank options, but we are well on our way.

For residents still looking for a company to perform their conversion, PSNC is a good option and I highly recommend them. Their pricing was comparable to others that we were aware of and having a turn key solution was easy. For those interested, please email Jeff Forehand at and schedule an appointment with him. He’ll come to your home and go through the entire process with you and provide a quote for the conversion.

For those residents that still have not signed up for the conversion, but are thinking about it, feel free to email Jeff as well to get your name on the list. If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out to us.


Brion Paulson

155 Rivers Edge Drive

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  1. Brion, thank you for sharing this information with the community. It is very helpful! Great to hear things went smoothly with your conversion process. Let’s hope it works that way for all of us! I would be interested in hearing any updates you are willing to share regarding the propane tank options and what you decide to go with, as well as the conversion of your fireplace. Many of us will be in the same boat making those decisions. Again, thank you!

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