December 4th HOA Homeowner’s Meeting

The Rivers Edge HOA will hold its annual meeting on Sunday, December 4th
at 7 pm at the Community Clubhouse.

This is an important meeting where the HOA board will review the previous
year's budget and present the coming year's proposed budget. 
We will also review last year's significant community activities 
and discuss proposed community activities for 2017. 

Of equal importance will be electing new board members. 
David Webster, the current Vice President/Treasurer and Mike Davis, 
Secretary, are both stepping down from the Board effective at the conclusion
of the annual meeting. Unless we have neighbors who are willing to step 
up and take their places, we will need to hire a management company. 
The office of Treasurer is particularly time consuming and unless we are able
to secure someone from the community who is willing and able to take on this
responsibility, the current board will have no other choice than to hire an 
outside agency to manage our HOA.

The current board is planning to again raise the 2017 dues by 10% and add the
funds created by this increase to the Roads Fund Account. However, if we do not 
have individuals volunteer to serve in the vacant board positions, these monies 
will be needed to pay for the management company. Hiring a management company 
will add from $8000-$10,000 to our annual budget.

If you have any interest in serving on the HOA board please contact a 
current board member ( and "put your name in the hat".

Please mark your your calendars for this important meeting. We look forward to 
seeing you there!!

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  1. To add accuracy to the management agency option, it is NOT a total addition to the budget as implied above.. It doesn’t cancel out our current costs totally, but there are savings that will accrue such as services that are included with a Management company such as no longer paying ala carte for legal and accounting services. One firm we looked at earlier manages 500 subdivisions in the area. We would benefit from their volume purchasing of services such as pool cleaning and should see at least a small reduction in cost. A good Management company is also current on regs and more importantly, the generally accepted interpretation of those regulations that improves our risk management position. Haven’t surveyed every subdivision in the area, but we are the only, or one of the very few, who do not utilize an HOA Management Company.

    I don’t like to spend money unnecessarily as do most people. But I think hiring an HOA Management company is an inevitability. I had predicted yet another “burnout” by those serving. Continuing to keep trolling for qualified people in RE and expecting a different result; don’t they call that a definition of insanity? We all moved here wanting friends; not to manage the subdivision. Having served on the board multiple times, I can tell you what wears people down who serve is what is seen in a typical group of 200 people (assuming 2 adults per household). It’s always the same half dozen homes every year who refuse to pay annual dues and have to be threatened with legal action to get payment. We’ve tried paypal, splitting up the payments, and it’s still a contentious situation no one wants to deal with. Then there’s the typical small percentage of residents who are just childish and/ or irresponsible on various issues. Small percentage, but enough to make things a hassle at times. Overall, it’s not a hard gig, but not many people here have a thick enough skin or a willingness to deal with the incidental occasional issues.

    We’ve got to pave and repair the streets and are on track to do that. But I don’t see the continuance of the “Do I t Yourself” management option continuing as a long term viable option.

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