Covenants Refresher

With new neighbors/residents moving into the community, we are taking the time to provide updates on one of the most active and often complained about covenant addressing commercial signage on vehicles.  Our attorney recently provided their interpretation of Section 4, advertising/logos on vehicles.  

Section 4, which states that “any vehicle which has advertising of any type, whether a display, a name or logo painting on the vehicle, as an attached sign, or otherwise, must be parked in the garage, in the rear of the residence or behind a screen so that such vehicle cannot be seen from the street”. 

The recommendation is to:

  1. Park vehicles with sign displays, logos, etc. in your garage or
  2.  Screen the vehicle so that such vehicle cannot be seen from the street.  

The ARB form is available to download from the Rivers Edge HOA home page.


Based upon these provisions, our attorney has advised that  any homeowner with a commercial vehicle not parked in the garage, needs to submit an ARC request to properly comply with this provision. 


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