Community Update

As we begin the new year and many of us have paid our 2018 dues, one may wonder what is going on in Rivers Edge?

1. Most know that natural gas will be coming and homeowners who use propane will be able to convert to this fuel source.  The project is in engineering and they will need a DOT permit, but installation is targeted for May, depending on weather and permits.

2. Road Update- more than 10 families have paid the assessment in full for the repaving that will take place later this year.  Ideally, the gas will come in and we will follow right after with this project.  This money is due March 30.

3.  Sheriff Winstead would like to meet with the community this spring.  We will schedule a coffee one evening to listen and learn more.

4. Clubhouse- the water remains off during the winter to prevent freezing pipes.

5. Swimming pool- we will be changing pool service companies this year and also convert the pool to a salt water pool.

6. Architectural review- please fill out review requests improvements to landscaping, fences, exterior paint, etc. on the form located on our website.  We have a system now of timely review and record retention tied back to each address for Board continuity.

7.  There are a “few” homes with Christmas decor still up and would appreciate storing them away until next year.

8.  We will freshen up the front entrance with bedding plants and mulch as the weather turns warmer.

9.  Social committee will schedule a night of dominos/board games at the clubhouse one weekend night- I think Marcia has a few couples who have expressed interest.

10. We have updated the homeowners directory and will work to keep it current.

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