Community Update

It has been a few months of silence during the winter months.  We have not been idle however.  I think the last update was the minutes from our November annual meeting.  Over the last few months, the roof was replaced on the clubhouse.  The shingles were part of the Certainteed claim for defective shingles so our responsibility was the $1,000 deductible from our insurance policy.  

  • Dues collection has been good, but we still have a few homeowners who have not paid.  Hopefully, this note will remind them that dues are due now.
  • We are replacing the gate and clubhouse access at the pool.  In coming weeks, a new system will be installed that will include:
    • Improved pool gate access entering and exiting.
    • Electronic access to the clubhouse.  For years, many have know the code to gain access, so going forward it will have improved controls.
    • Door closer to meet Franklin County Pool Codes on the door leading from the clubhouse out to the pool.
    • Timed locks on both restrooms that keep the restrooms locked when the pool is closed.
    • New access cards will be issued to all residents who are current on their dues.  
  • We will have to wait on a pool opening (if we can even open the pool) due Covid-19 and restrictions to protect our safety.
  • As for the front, I admit it looks horrible.  I’m reaching out to our groundskeeper to start cleaning up the beds and getting them ready for spring planting.  We have small group of volunteers ready to help with a redesign and will press forward on this, while maintaining compliance for social distancing.  
  • We have new residents, Tommy and Amy Ellis 145 River Club Way and Adam Acuff, 185 River Club Way.  Please welcome them from a distance.  
  • Tracy Rabon and the Social Committee continues to push forward on activities and events for all.  Things have been put on hold until it is safe to congregate again.  

A few reminders on Architectural Control/Neighborhood Covenants.

  • Cars/trucks are to be parked in your driveway.  Your lawn is not your driveway, nor is the street in front of your home.
  • Trailers (camping/boats) are not allowed.  Utility trailers that are used to go to the garden store are, but they need to be out of plain site.  (There are several out there that need to be hidden better.)
  • Trash cans should be hidden.
  • Mailboxes need to comply with community standards, the posts are to be painted white.
  • Any landscaping plans for the front of your home should be submitted to the ARB for approval.  (This includes tree removal requests.)
  • Cleaning up after your pets on walks is always appreciated.

It has been great seeing the weather change and so many neighbors outside in recent weeks, probably more so with the work from home and postponement of the school year.  Keep an eye out for walkers and bikers, and if you are out after dark, use a light or reflective clothing.  

We did spend $1,000 to have the pavement that had ripped near the entrance cut out and patched along with sealing of a few areas.  This was paid for from the dedicated road fund.  

We are always open to suggestions and volunteers.


Ron Phillips

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