Board Vacancies

We are coming up on our annual meeting in November and there will be 3 board vacancies.  The terms of Gary Falkinowski, Richard Steinhoff and Ron Phillips were extended (through by-law amendment) for one additional year.  Assuming there will be at least 3 persons with a desire to serve the community, the board members then vote for someone to fill the role of President, VP and Secretary.  My term has not been that difficult and I don’t take anything personally.  Over the past few years the board tackled things like:

  1. Broken pipes in the clubhouse and internal repairs from the leak.
  2. Salt water pool conversion.
  3. Painting of the swimming pool surface.
  4. New clubhouse roof.
  5. New clubhouse/pool access system.
  6. Repaving of our roads. (separate road fund for future resealing every few years)
  7. Working with Dominion Energy to get natural gas throughout Rivers Edge.
  8. Installation of speed tables to help on Oak Grove Church Road.
  9. Great volunteers to lead the Pool and Social Committees providing activities for all ages.
  10. Stabilized annual dues.
  11. Work with neighbors with covenant violations to maintain the integrity of our documents and community.

I’m sure there are other things to address and take care of going forward to keep Rivers Edge a vibrant little neighborhood that is recognized throughout. It appears home values have increased over the past couple of years and there has been a great influx of new families.  If there are specific questions on the role of a board member, feel free to reach out to us and hopeful others will have that “community spirit” to serve and lead our HOA.  



Ron Phillips

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