2020 Annual HOA Meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting of the Rives Edge Homeowner’s Association was held at 6:30 P.M. on November 8, 2020 in the Rivers Edge Clubhouse. The following Board Members were present: Ron Phillips, President and Gary Faltinowski, Secretary. Vice-President Richard Steinhoff was not present as he is in the process of moving from River Edge.

With the current COVID-19 cautions and restrictions still in effect there were six (6) property owners who choose to use available remote access to participate. As well, nine (9) properties were represented in person by owners, for a total representation of fifteen (15) property owners; thereby meeting the required quorum of 10% of Association membership (100 voting households) in accordance with HOA By-Laws.


  1. Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Ron Phillips, who introduced the other board members and Treasurer, Emily Paulson, and spent a few minutes summarizing the overall intent of the meeting

Election of 3 new board members. All current board members have served for 3 years, with Ron and Richard having served one additional year. We attempted to bring a new board on last year, but were unsuccessful, which resulted in an amendment to the By-Laws.

Budget review of expenses from 2020.

Budget for 2021

Presentation of a management company to take the day to day work (including treasurer) at an annual cost of $6,000 annually.

  1. Reading of minutes

Due to the widespread infection of COVID-19 no General meeting was held in May, minutes from the HOA Annual meeting, held on November 10, 2019, were read.

A motion was made (Jean Marteski) to accept the minutes, seconded (Ruth Phillips), and passed by unanimous vote.

  1. Committee reports

Social Committee: Tracy Rabon Chairperson acknowledged the efforts of the committee volunteers who worked diligently to have several youth activities and adult activities, which were all cut short due to COVID-19. Undaunted, they still set up displays of Patriotic Flags, well received, and watch for word on this year’s Christmas decorating contest.

Pool Committee: Rachel Bishop Chairperson.  Heavy usage this past season, especially with COVID restrictions. Removed old unsafe furniture, new furniture purchased. Upgrades to pool access and clubhouse security, with timed locks on restroom exterior doors. These improvements were necessary to meet Franklin County regulations to allow opening of the pool. Pump maintenance, due to heavy usage, is planned in the coming year. There was a question regarding a timer on the pump that would shut down during pool non-use hours. There is a timer, but due to very heavy pool usage the pump was run to keep pool clean. During the winter pump is shut off.

Roads. Rian’s Paving has been contacted and is providing a proposal to seal a few areas throughout, including the rips in the pavement in front of 15 Oak Grove. There was discussion on areas within roadway, and along the edges, were grass is growing and causing cracks. The general opinion was along the roadway edge is homeowner’s responsibility. Ron will look at area were grass is growing in roadway.

Landscaping. Ruth Phillips and others was completely revamped the front entrance. Old plants and shrubs were removed, sign structure was pressure washed, and area weeded. Large decorative rocks, new plants and shrubs, and mulch were added.

  1. Budget (see attached)

The 2020 Budget expenses through November 3, were reviewed, to include the annual transfer of $10,000 to road fund.

The 2021 Budget was presented with projected expenses for the year. As well, an additional budget was presented with an added line item for paying an HOA Management Company ($6,000 annually).  The cost of a Management Company will necessitate an annual dues increase of $50.00 per property.

Although there was a motion to accept the budget and the management company, subsequent conversation among attendees noted that more information is required before contracting with any management company. It is the consensus of the attendees that having a management company to handle the day-to-day issues, treasurer duties, collection of dues, etc., would be a positive move. There was no second on this motion.

A new motion was made (David Williams) to accept the 2021 Budget, with the line item that pays for a management company to-be-determined, seconded (Ricky Evans), and passed by unanimous vote.

  1. Nomination and election of board members (3) openings

The floor was opened for nominations and or volunteers for consideration. With no nominations being presented the following residents have volunteered to form the 2021 HOA Board:

Glen Allen and Aaron Rowland, along with James Bendickson, who had previously contacted Ron regarding serving, will be the new board members.

A motion was made to accept these individuals, seconded, and carried by unanimous vote.

The new board members are required, in accordance with By-Laws, to meet within one week to determine among themselves who shall preside as President, Vice-President and Secretary, results of which are announced prior to December 15th.

The incoming Board of Directors and the current Board will schedule a meeting to discuss responsibilities of the Board, and how to proceed in interviewing potential management companies.

  1. A call for additional discussions and new business was made.

There was a question presented as to any proposed actions to establish community mailbox, to replace individual mailboxes. With no additional information on this topic it was tabled for future meeting.

With no additional new business presented a motion to adjourn the meeting was made (Jean Marteski), seconded (Kathy Webster) and carried by unanimous vote.


  1. Can someone tel me where to purchase a new mailbox

  2. Can someone tell me where I can purchase a new mailbox

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