2019 Annual HOA Meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting of the Rives Edge Homeowner’s Association was held at 6:30 P.M. on November 10, 2019 in the Rivers Edge Clubhouse. The following Board Members were present: Ron Phillips, President; Richard Steinhoff, Vice President; and Gary Faltinowski, Secretary.

A total of fourteen (14) properties were represented by owners; thereby, meeting the required quorum of 10% of Association membership (100 voting households) in accordance with HOA By-Laws.

1. Call to order
  The meeting was called to order by Ron Phillips, who introduced the other board members and Treasurer, Emily Paulson. New residents, Aaron and Elizabeth Rowlands, were identified.

2. Reading of minutes
  Minutes from the HOA General meeting, held on May 5, 2019, were read. A motion was made to accept the minutes, seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

3. Nomination and election of board members (3) openings:

  As announced at the General meeting in May, and the notification for the 2019 Annual meeting, published on Oct 3, 2019, the current board members terms would expire at year’s end. Two of the positions have served three consecutive years, and in accordance with the By-Laws, cannot serve beyond that period and nominations/volunteers were needed to fill positions.

  The floor was opened for nominations and or volunteers for consideration. No nominations were presented nor volunteers identified.

  With no nomination coming forth the point was raised that if we cannot get residents to become members of the HOA Board we may find ourselves forced to hire a Management Company, which would result in an increase in Association dues.

  It was asked if the By-Laws could be amended. In accordance with Article VI of the current By-Laws: “These By-Laws may be amended by a simple majority vote of those present and voting at a regular or special meeting of the Association as long as a quorum is present.”

  Additional discussion followed regarding what would be an appropriate increase in the total consecutive period for board members to serve and would the current board member be will willing to serve another year; thereby providing a temporary resolution.

 A motion was made by Jean Marteski to amend Article III, Paragraph 2, last sentence to read, “Members of the Board shall be eligible for reelection up to a maximum of five (5) consecutive terms.” Motion was seconded by George Heydner and passed by unanimous vote.

  A motion was made by Nancy Faltinowski to nominate and reelect the current three members of the HOA Board of Directors for the 2020 term, Motion was seconded by Ken Pike and passed by a 13-1 vote.

  As it was noted this is only a temporary resolution. If residents are not willing to participate in the HOA meetings and serve on the Board of Directors, Rivers Edge may be forced to engage a management company to handle the business of the HOA. The Board will begin researching cost associated with those agencies.

4. Committee reports

  a. Clubhouse: As with many of the homes throughout the development an assessment of the clubhouse roof condition revealed many broken shingles. A claim was made to insurer (Nationwide), was approved, and a contract has been signed with Covenant Roofing to replace the roof shingles.

  b. Paving/Road: Jodi Blackburn met with Rian, of Rian Paving, to discuss addressing any issues with the previous paving project of the development streets, specifically cracks that have been identified. Rian Paving will also submit a quote for repairing the area near the front entrance where the (older) asphalt has been damaged.

  c. Social Committee: Tracy Rabon discussed the upcoming social events and the future distribution of a newsletter to households.

    1) Thanksgiving Feast Saturday 11/16 at the Clubhouse 5:00- 6:30. We will provide ham, turkey and nonalcoholic drinks. Bring a side dish or dessert to share.

    2) Weather permitting- Sunday 12/1 at 11:00. We will be decorating the front entrance and clubhouse. If you would like to help please meet at the clubhouse at 11:00. We will need ladders at the clubhouse to put up lights.

    3) There will be a Christmas Yard Decorating contest this year. Start getting ideas and planning. More information to come.

5. Budget Review

  a. The 2019 expenditures to date and the 2019 budgeted amounts were presented, unbudgeted costs to date include.

    1) Costs for repainting pool, repairing pool lights, adding a GFI outlet, and replacement of pool furniture.

    2) Speed Tables installation

    3) Nationwide insurance deductible of $1,000 for roofing

  b. The draft 2020 budget was presented for review. The Board and Treasurer will meet, prior to January 1st, to review the budget on a line item basis before finalizing.

6. Emily Paulson, HOA Treasure, will be stepping down from her duties as Treasurer, she has served in this position for the past three (3) years, and prior to that served as the Social Committee Chair.

  a. The floor was opened for volunteer to become the HOA Treasurer.

    1) With no one coming forward a solicitation will be made to the Association at large.

      • In accordance with Article III, Section 5, of the current By-Laws, if the Board is unable to obtain the services of a qualified person to serve as Treasurer, they may pay an individual, not a member of the Association, to perform such required duties.

7. A call for additional discussions and new business was made. With no additional discussion or new news being presented, a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by David Williams, seconded by Richard Stienhoff, and carried by unanimous vote.

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