Painting Party

Hello neighbors, 
The Social Committee invites you to join us for a Painting Party.
It’s similar to Wine and Design if you’re familiar with it.  I have attached a picture of the painting we will do.  No experience necessary.   
When: Friday September 27th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Where: Clubhouse
Adult beverages are allowed.  BYOB 
Cost: $30 per person 
Use the link below to register and pay directly to Art Party designs by Elisa.  
There is a 20 person maximum so register quickly if you’re interested.  
All tickets must be purchased 1 week prior to the event by Friday 9/20.   
Here is the link to register and pay. 
We will be painting “The Fall Tree”
This picture gives you the idea if you have not done this before.  
Please let me know if you have any questions.  
Tracy Rabon
Social Committee Chair 


Upcoming Board Elections

It is not too early to start thinking about new board members for 2020.  The annual meeting will take place in November and there will be openings for at least two members as well as a treasurer as this is Emily Paulson’s final year as an awesome treasurer.  If anyone has questions about what the various responsibilities are, please contact any current board member for more information.

Pool Rules

It looks like the newly painted pool is a hit thus far, along with the salt water system installed last season.  There are rules posted for swimming along with emergency contact information at the outdoor phone if needed.  Help us by keeping the bathrooms clean, trash put into the bin and umbrellas folded down after each use in the event of high winds/thunderstorms.  With the pool open just a couple of days, we have also seen teenagers blocking open the gate (after hours) for their friends.  This took place last night around 9 and they left around 10.  When we see things like this, the board has decided we will simply call the Sheriff’s office and report it as the pool hours are posted as closing at 8.  We cannot take the risk of someone up there getting injured and/or swimming beyond the hours that our Franklin County Pool Permit is issued for.  Please share these rules with every member of your family.



Ron Phillips

Pool Opens Saturday May 18

The pool will open Saturday, May 18.  The HOA had the pool bottom painted during the off season. The salt water pool is balanced and ready to swim.  Please adhere to pool rules and clean up after yourselves.  Rachel Bishop is the HOA pool chairperson this year and will keep an eye on any issues.  Everyone here is a volunteer- we are not janitors.   There are cameras in use to help us make sure the gate (by law) remains closed.  If you use the umbrellas, put them down at the end of the day.



HOA Board

HOA General Meeting 5-5-2019 Notes

The General Meeting of the Rivers Edge Home Owner’s Association was held at 6:00 P.M. on May 5, 2019 in the Rivers Edge Clubhouse. The following Board Members were present: Ron Phillips, President; Richard Steinhoff, Vice President; and Gary Faltinowski, Secretary.

 A total of seventeen (17) properties were represented by owners.

The meeting commenced with introduction of HOA Board members, new residents Toby & Heather Groathouse, and all residents in attendance. It was noted by Ron that we have seen a turnover of at least 28 homes in Rivers Edge in less than 3 years.

It was also noted that the term for all current board members expires at the end of this year and in accordance with By Laws cannot serve more than three one-year terms.

A Treasurer’s report was provided by Ron showing expenditures, as they relate to overall yearly expenses and projected budget amounts. This includes the annual contribution to the road fund to cover cost of sealing the road in 4-5 years, estimated cost based on today’s prices was $32,000.


Clubhouse update:

·         For the most part, clubhouse has been used frequently for family socials, and bunco.  

·         We will continue to monitor maintenance issues beyond the service agreement on the HVAC.  

·         Will need to paint the exterior at some point in the next year or so and will clean the roof or replace the roof once we learn more about the Certainteed claim.

Pool update- Rachel Bishop has volunteered to be chairperson for the pool, thank you Rachel! The pool surface has been painted and a new ground fault breaker was installed for the pool lights.  Lights have new bulbs and new covers to be installed.  County inspection is scheduled for this week. The pool can open once inspection passes.

Social committee update-Marcia Eadie-events are being posted on Facebook. Thank you to Marcia for providing refreshments and snacks for the meeting.

Grounds update- we plan on addressing the front this year to beautify our entrance. Thank you to Lorna Padley, Ruth Phillips, & Tracy Rabon, who have offered to take on this project.


ARB David Williams has served the past year as Chairman of the Architectural Review Committee.

·         Architectural approval is required for things like landscaping, paint color changes, storage buildings, add on garages, fences, swimming pools, etc.

·         We are keeping a central file of applications tied back to each homeowner address in the Rivers Edge HOA Cloud  


Neighborhood Watch – continue to be vigilant, no recent incidents

Speed Tables-installation completed recently.  

New topic – it was noted by resident that due to a buildup of material inside the culvert pipe, on Rivers Edge Drive, the flow is reduced/being blocked causing a backup. Board will research a viable solution.

HOA Meeting – 5 May – Update

A huge thank you to Marcia Eadie, the HOA Social Committee Chair, who will be providing desserts and refreshment for the upcoming HOA meeting on May 5th.
We are still in need of a Pool/Clubhouse Chairperson(s). Two people would be ideal, to split duties and back each other up, if one is out of town.
To help clarify what the responsibilities are, the following is provided:
• Distribute key cards
• Seasonal Set up and put away of furniture
• Weekly inspection of pool and bathroom
• Weekly garbage curbing
• Follow up on complaints, advise HOA Board
• Assessment and purchasing of pool/deck furniture
• Communicating with pool service people

• Keep calendar of use requests
• Inspection of club house after events
• Addressing of maintenance issues at clubhouse

Mid Year Meeting

Mid Year HOA meeting scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 5th at the clubhouse.

Update on 2019  progress including:

  • HOA Budget, revenues and expenses.
  • Speed table installs.
  • Completion of natural gas installation.
  • Swimming pool painting
  • Front entrance landscaping.
  • Area growth.
  • Welcome new neighbors.

Speed Tables

Speed Tables are being installed on Oak Grove Church Road this week.  Months ago, over 70% of the community voted in favor of these to control speeds through the neighborhood.  Speed Table Signs will notify oncoming traffic of a 3″ table across the road.  Please use caution when approaching.

Charter/Spectrum Offer Update

March 25, 2019


Update on Charter/Spectrum Offer


Several weeks ago, we made the community aware of a possible offer from Charter/Spectrum to offer residents:

  • Internet speeds up to 200Mbps, including modem and wireless router.
  • HD Digital TV including 3 receivers and Platinum level television channel availability.
  • Ability to stream included.

The offer for the items listed started out at $48/month with annual increases not to exceed 4% annually and a contract term of 7 years.  This is a program offered to condos/apartments and the abbreviation is an (MDU) which stands for Multiple Dwelling Unit.

Our Board met several days ago and went through the documents and the offer. There were a few items that gave us concern.

  1. Monthly billing for bulk services is directly to the HOA. We requested that each home be invoiced individually by Charter so each homeowner could pay on their own.  Charter was not willing to change this and for that reason, we believe it would not be wise to put the HOA at risk financially.
  2. As many of you know, we are a volunteer organization and give of our time to the community. We do not feel we have the appetite to invoice each homeowner monthly (or quarterly) and then collect those fees.  We felt it would be difficult to change our by-laws to require each homeowner to subscribe to these services for 7 years.  If there were changes in the by-laws, this would provide the tool to collect on past due fees, but without that we were concerned that while the bulk cable/internet billing coming into the HOA would be $4800/monthly (100 homes @ $48), a few residents may not want service from Charter and then find a provider elsewhere.  If 10 homes opt out, we would then be collecting $4320/month, thus leaving the HOA responsible for the balance.  This could quickly add up and put the HOA in financial peril.
  3. We confirmed the pricing offered was $48/monthly for these services and they are. The extras were sales taxes and government-imposed fees that are seemingly on all providers.  First year, we were looking at $54 all in plus any premium channels (HBO or Showtime) as an example.
  4. We did not feel it would be the prudent thing to do to sign this agreement and then pass it along to a new board for them over the responsibility of billing, collecting and managing this contract.

From a comparison point of view, we polled a couple of residents who are paying $180-$200 for TV and Internet.  Using $180/month, this is $2,160/year and $15,120 over 7 years.  The same homeowner, with 4% annual increases would pay $576/year one and a total of $4,546 over 7 years, representing a savings of $10,574.  If a resident is paying closer to $200/month as many are, the savings are more dramatic.

For those only paying for Internet, the current rate appears to be $75.00/month with a leased modem.  Their offer of $48 would save approximately $27/monthly, $288 annually and $2,016 over 7 years.

If there was 100% buy in from every homeowner to go down this road, then perhaps the board would revisit with proposed changes to our by-laws.  Many of you have seen or responded to past Facebook posts that they would be supportive, but again, the only way it works is with mandatory 100% participation.

In closing, we knew the offer represented incredible savings to the community.  On one hand who wouldn’t like to save or redirect $1,500 annually to something other than their cable and internet bill?  On the other hand, the terms of the offer require bulk invoicing of all homes (less premium services) to the HOA without a boilerplate manner in which to mandate homeowner participation.


Feel free to contact us with thoughts/comments.



Charter/Spectrum Community Wide TV and Internet @ $48/month

March 1, 2019

RE: Community Cable TV and Internet- $48/month

I want to share an idea with the community.  For those residents who subscribe to Charter/Spectrum, the months of January/February were beyond frustrating with more than 10 internet outages that took down television and internet with the longest outage, lasting approximately 4 hours.  After a lot of calls and letters, the issue was finally located and repaired.  Even though we were all frustrated, I was in communication with Charter’s Community Solutions team having conversations.

The Community Solutions Team indicated that they have authority to now offer bundled cable TV and Internet to Homeowners Associations.  This has been going on for years with large multifamily buildings and apartments and condo associations where basic cable is provided in the condo or rental fees.

This idea only works if every home in Rivers Edge is part of the program.  I have no idea what most residents are paying for services from Charter/Spectrum, DISH, DirecTV, CenturyLink, etc.  I know we pay $65/month for Charter/Spectrum Ultimate 200 internet so the idea of having television and internet at this low rate with the provider supplied modem and wireless router has my interest.

The Community Solutions Team (CST) reached out to us with the following offer to the Rivers Edge HOA.

7-year term $48/monthly rate, does not include sales tax

  • Spectrum Platinum TV

o   Channel Lineup attached

o   3 HD Set top boxes included per home (additional boxes $7.50/month)

  • Spectrum High Speed Internet

o   Up to 300 Mbps download

o   Modem included

o   Wireless router included

  • $48 rate
  • Minimal rate increase of no more than 4% per year
  • 1-year rate freeze
  • 1 courtesy account (available for clubhouse or common area)
  • Charter/Spectrum would pay the HOA $10,000 (one time)


The above services would provide the community a top tier TV service and internet speed faster almost 10X faster than the competitions standard speed.  On average, the rate would be over a 50% savings than what residents are currently paying for Spectrum services in Rivers Edge.


If residents wanted to add other services such as home phone or wireless phone service, PPV movies, etc. you would be able to do so.


The Platinum Lineup of services is on the attached .pdf.


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